What is an Earth Empath?

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What is an Empath?

Highly sensitive individuals, who tend to absorb the emotional energy of others into their bodies, are known as empaths. In addition to an intimate emotional connection to those around them, empaths can also have an intimate connection with plants, animals, and the spirit of the Earth, also known as Gaia.

Empaths can experience deeply positive and nourishing emotions, when they are surrounded by positive and healthy people and environments. But empaths can burn out and experience anxiety from sensory overload, especially when surrounded by negative situations, people and environments. If you are an empath, it is essential that you develop your ability to center your energy, as well as develop spiritual protection practices, such as setting clear personal boundaries, and spending time alone in meditation and contemplation, to recharge your own energy.

What is an Earth Empath?

An Earth Empath is one who is very intune with the natural world, and with the Earth’s changes, such as the change of seasons, weather, earthquakes, etc. If you are highly intuitive and sensitive to Earth’s environment and it’s changes, and feel it in your body, you are probably an Earth Empath.

You feel what happens to the Earth, as if it is connected to your body. The beauty of the Earth can nourish and sustain an earth empath. The beauty of nature can be energizing and uplifting to an Earth Empath, but a polluted environment can leave an earth empath feeling depressed, or even physically ill. Earth Empaths are highly sensitive to changes in the weather, and particularly the amount of sunlight; Earth Empaths can experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a feeling of sadness during the winter, when the days are shorter, and there is less sunlight.

If you are an Earth Empath, you can experience anxiety or health problems, when nature is harmed or destroyed. Your body feels intimately connected to the Earth, and you can experience environmental changes as if it were happening to you. Earth Empaths may have dreams or premonitions about natural disasters, or feel it within their body, even if the event is hundreds of miles away from the disaster. If you think you are an Earth Empath, be aware of how your body reacts during environmental disasters, such as forest fires, hurricanes or earthquakes. Identifying how you react can help you put your feelings and reactions into context.

Earth Empaths are also highly sensitive to solar flares. These are the magnetic storms on the sun, and they effect the magnetic fields of the Earth, and in turn, effect our bodies. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornados seem to be triggered by intense solar activity. During these intense solar flares, an Earth Empath can experience feelings of anxiety, headaches, mood swings, or heart palpitations. In fact, there is a demonstrable correlation between solar flares and an increase in episodes of bipolar disorder, as well as anxiety and depression. Revolutions, riots and social unrest are also known to intensify with solar flares. The sun is responsible for fostering all life on Earth, and when it goes through changes, we can feel it.

To stay healthy as an Earth Empath, you need to regularly connect with the Earth. To an Earth Empath, the Earth and its elements feel like family, and the sun and moon have always felt like old friends. But ironically, Earth Empaths can have a hard time adjusting to life on this planet, needing to connect to the Earth’s energy, so that they can more fully inhabit their bodies. Earth Empaths should spend time by the ocean, in the forests and mountains, where they can connect with nature, and feel at home.

To strengthen the connection to the Earth, Earth Empaths should eat clean, organic foods; junk food isn’t just bad for your health because of toxic ingredients, but because it also separates you from the Earth. Earth Empaths should also practice Earth grounding; lie down flat on the Earth, and soak up it’s strength and positive energy. Wading and swimming in lakes, rivers or the ocean, is also beneficial, as well as walking bare foot. To communicate with the Earth, just tune in and ask yourself, “What do you feel?” and allow any emotional or physical impression to come to mind.

In Aboriginal traditions, Earth Empaths practice Earth Medicine, by protecting and treasuring our precious Mother Earth. As an Earth Empath, this is your purpose, and the way for you to feel fulfilled, happy, and whole. Mother Earth is yours, to be revered and cared for, and in turn, she will care for and revere you.

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