Light Worker Syndrome: An Obstacle to Higher Consciousness

An obstacle that can trap many highly conscious people, is Lightworker Syndrome. This happens when someone reaches a higher level of consciousness, but it’s difficult remaining connected to higher levels of consciousness, and also stay grounded in the physical world. Many people who have reached a higher level of consciousness get frustrated with this situation, growing depressed and wanting to just give up.

Spiritual Connectedness vs Physical Groundedness

These light workers feel they must often compromise; either stay connected to higher levels, and become ungrounded, or lose the higher connection, and get more grounded. As a Consequence, these light workers either perform mundane work, which pays well, but they don’t enjoy, or they do light work, that barely pays the bills. They either sacrifice their higher purpose, or their income, since it’s extremely challenging to do both. It’s difficult to fulfill your higher purpose, if you’re worried about paying the bills, and it’s hard to advance up the consciousness ladder, if your work is uninspiring.

But the real trap is the belief that you can’t attract abundant resources, doing what you love. It’s a mistake to believe that living in poverty is the best way to help other people. Many light workers are repelled by the idea of sacrificing their higher purpose for money, so they decide it’s better to live in “noble poverty”.

But, when you’re faced with a financial crisis, and can’t pay the rent and face life on the street, it can be really hard to maintain your integrity; when under this kind of stress,it will lower your vibration, bringing down your awareness. When your physical survival and stability is threatened, that will become your priority. It can be hard to think about serving the higher purpose of others, when you’re deep in debt, and you discover an eviction notice taped to the door.

The solution is not to choose between your higher connection and your groundedness, you need both. What you need to understand is why you don’t already have both, right now.

Don’t Fear Your Own Power

The reason why you can’t keep a stable connection to Source, and remain grounded, is that you may be afraid of success.

On the one hand, you have a higher purpose, and a feeling of connection to everyone a motivation to serve and help people. On the other hand, you also live in the physical world, and need to provide yourself with the basic needs. In practical terms, you need an income, so you can’t be too airy-fairy, if it means you don’t have a place to live. ou need to stay grounded.

Connectedness and Groundedness Equals Synergy

At the core, these two concepts don’t conflict. They are different energies, but they’re not opposed to each other; in fact, they serve to support each other. The spiritual side is motivational, infusing your life with passion and energy. On the practical side, when you’re grounded, you’re financially stable, and have more physical freedom. That can lend support to the spiritual side, because you will have more time and energy for your spiritual pursuits. These two energies are naturally complementary, and when they work together, they work synergistically.

What Can Go Wrong if You Succeed?

Many light workers are worried that they can’t make a living pursuing their higher purpose. Many don’t have the confidence in their abilities, they don’t really feel comfortable doing it.

The barrier to achieving balance is overcoming the limiting beliefs you may have about what will happen, after you achieve the balance between higher purpose and practicality. You must overcome your doubts concerning your sense of self worth, and your abilities, and, overcome the common notion that “money is the root of all evil”.

When you’re generating a good income doing what you love, it creates a positive, upward spiral. Your purpose drives your actions, your actions drive your results, and your results produce income. A decent income will give you more freedom to fulfill for your purpose. And once started, the upward spiral just keeps, going because once achieved, it becomes a stable pattern in your life.

With Great Power Comes Greater Responsibility

This might be what light workers fear the most; the fear that if they actually succeed, they’ll have a greater burden of responsibility.

That fear is what can kill their income. The best way to increase your income, is to serve more people. Many light workers are able to provide real value to others, but they do so on a limited basis, often because their empathic nature can be easily overwhelmed. But finding a sense of spiritual groundedness, through learning spiritual shielding techniques and setting boundaries, can easily solve this problem.

Light workers may also fear that if they actually succeed, others might perceive them as “phony”, since “money is the root of all evil”. As a result, they keep themselves in a position where they make just enough money to maintain the status quo, but never enough to get ahead.

Overcoming the Fear of Responsibility

When you’re out there, doing good work, building up a clientele, you will begin to draw a lot of people to you, and that can be a lot of responsibility. Don’t focus on getting more for yourself, get your motivation from a deep desire to make a positive difference in the world. Your passion comes from your purpose, not your income. When you reach the point of serving many people a day, it could be an intimidating sense of responsibility.

What may allow you to break this pattern is to look at the situation from a different angle. You may equate power with position. And as a light worker, you may have a disdain for the concept of “power and position”. But if power doesn’t come from position? If you have the potential, then you have the power, which means you also have the responsibility to fulfill your destiny. You can’t escape your responsibility as a light worker, by failing to act. Accept your responsibility, it’s a privilege, and by the law of attraction, you will begin to prosper.

Light worker Syndrome is a lack of accepting your power. That lack of acceptance is what manifests the conflict between connectedness and groundedness. Your inner conflict will manifest in your external reality. You fear your real power, and this can manifest as never ending distractions, keeping you preoccupied, so that you don’t have to think about what you’re really doing, which is keeping your “light under a bushel basket”.

Realize you’re the one who’s manifesting the health problems, the financial crisis, the unfulfilling relationship. You’re manifesting failure because you’re resonating with fear. Attracting more money and a larger clientele just means you have a greater capacity to give.

If you are a light worker, recognize that your real work is to accept and embrace your inner light. You are meant to shine, not to be snuffed out. If you feel life in this world is drowning you, it’s because you are not in vibrational harmony with your light. The more you fear your light, which is your power, the more you’ll manifest distracting problems that will derail your purpose. Whenever you are ready, you can say to the Universe, “I’m ready to pursue my purpose with heart and soul, so back me up.” Once you make a commitment, you’ll attract more help and resources.

As a light worker, you came here to do good for the planet, so get busy and just do it!