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Growing Healing Herbs That Boost Your Immune System

If there is one thing these “unprecedented times” have taught us, it’s that our immune system is among our most valuable assets. Right alongside that, is the healing herbs you can grow to help keep your immune system in top shape. Planting and tending to a healing herb garden not only helps your immune system, […]

Psychic and Spiritual Cleansing

Exclusive Offer: Get 10 Minutes with a KEEN psychic for $1.99! Do you feel drained by the end of the day? Is dealing with your emotions difficult? Does interacting with some people leave you feeling tired and drained of all your energy? If you answered yes to these questions, it’s very likely you need a […]

How to Get The Most Out of a Psychic Reading

Need an accurate prediction? Exclusive Offer: Get a 10 minute reading for only $1.99! A psychic reading can be a life-changing experience; whether it’s to gain insight into others, or more importantly, gain insight into yourself. Whatever your reason, visiting a psychic can be very worthwhile. While a psychic reading doesn’t always go exactly as […]

How Does a Love Psychic Work?

Love life in a funk? Exclusive Offer: Get a 10 minute reading for only $1.99! Love is perhaps the most complex and intense emotion we will experience in our lifetime. While love can bless us with intense joy, it can also lead to heartbreak. How do we really know what we’ve found is the person […]

Meditation: Relaxation for the Mind

We are living in a world where things are extremely hectic. Sadly, the problem is that if we do not work hard, we will not have enough resulting in a sad and depressing life. This is the reason everyone is trying too hard. This is one reason that people are depressed as social pressure is […]

The 10 Traits of a Spiritual Elder

Astrology Experts: 3 free minutes and 50% off your first session. Is it your destiny to become a spiritual Elder? In our modern world, it’s rare to find a true spiritual elder. We have been conditioned since birth to believe that power, fame, fortune, and success re the keys to happiness. However, some of us […]

The Science of Empaths And Empathy

The science behind how empathy works is fascinating. Empathy is when we can emotionally sense what others feel, and put ourselves in their place. However, the experience of being empathic can go much further. Empaths high on the empathic spectrum, can actually feel what is happening with others in others in their own bodies. As […]

16 Indications of a False Twin Flame

Love and Relationship readings The twin flame relationship is one that we all hope to encounter during our lifetime. You may have many soulmates, but only one twin soul. A twin soul is the mirror image of your own soul, a complimentary better half, vibrating at the same spiritual frequency. But strangely, it’s not always […]

10 Signs You Are Walking Your Highest Path

Are you on the right path? The the path that will lead you to realizing your highest purpose? Some are bumpy, some are smooth, some roads are sunny and some are dark. Whatever road you find yourself on, the road you are on reflects your current level of consciousness. Your highest path, is the path […]

3 Signs of a Lost Soul

What’s in store for your future? Here’s 3 free minutes with a gifted psychic! Lost souls are people who have lost touch with their spiritual sideand have blocked their intuition. They don’t try to look within for answers, they simply take everything at face value. A lost soul is blocked from the potential guidance they […]