What Are the Four Different Categories of Lightworkers?

You may be wondering, who are the lightworkers, and why are they here? Lightworkers are those who have a sense of duty to the world, to educate, to spread love, heal, and foster a greater consciousness. Lightworkers play a significant role in the spiritual advancement of the world.

There are four categories of Lightworkers.

Incarnated Angels: This category of Lightworker can have distinct physical features such as a heart shaped face, or light hair. They usually calm, they follow the rules, and they are patient. They often carry a talisman such as an angel pendent, angel books, or other angel related items. Due to their polite demeanor, they often seek work in the fields of teaching, nursing, counseling, etc.

Incarnated Elementals: Incarnated elementals can vary in terms of looks; they may have wavy hair, a short nose, green eyes, or any other feature that represents an element of nature. Their personalities are generally energetic, loving to play, laugh and have fun. They have a definite affinity for nature and animals. They often work as actors, comedians, or musicians.

Star People: These are souls that originate off planet, who chose birth on this planet with a mission to spread compassion. Their prominent physical feature is almond shaped or inverted U-shaped eyes. The males are often tall and thin. They are fans of UFO’s and technology, and they can often work as energy healers.

The Wise Ones: These Lightworkers can have a serious demeanor, and are highly intuitive. These can include people who, in their previous incarnations, were shamans, wise women and wizards. They can find enjoyment in the topics of dragons, wizards, mythical eras, and so on.