5 Things You Can’t Hide From An Empath

5 Things You Can't Hide From An Empath

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Empaths are special, because they can read other people, and understand their feelings and emotions much better than most; it’s nearly impossible to hide your feelings from an empath, they have the ability to see right through you. An empath knows if someone is fake or dishonest. So even if you think you’ve fooled an empath, they usually know the truth, but may not tell you that they know the truth.

Empaths are very sensitive, but this should not be seen as a weakness. Always think twice, if you want to try to hide something from an empath.

Below is a list of 5 things you should never try to hide from an empath. Because they will know the truth immediately.

Your Motives

Empaths will know if you are doing something for the right or wrong reason. There’s no point in trying to fool an empath, because they will see right through it. Be completely honest, and tell them about your real situation. They will probably, understand, try to help you.

A Gift With Bad Intentions

If you try to give an empath a gift to make up for something you have done, or to ask for a favor, they will see it as a bribe. Only give an empath gifts with sincere intention, and never hope to get something back.

Your Real Emotions

If you are feeling depressed, but put on a happy face, many may be fooled by that, but not an empath. They will always know if you are stressed or feeling depressed. Even if you do not want to be a burden, don’t try to fool them with a happy mask. It will be easier to be yourself, and show your real emotions, because they can help you, and give you their support.

Lying About Something

Even the best liars will act differently when they are lying. Most people will not notice this subtle body language, but an empath will. You may get away with a little lie, but when it comes to the important things, don’t try lying to empaths. The lie will always come out.

Going Behind Their Back

The only time this would be acceptable, is a surprise birthday party, but probably even this secret will come out before the actual surprise can take place. If you have bad intentions, and try to go behind an empath’s back, there will be a terrible backlash, and will regret that behavior for a long time.

Real empaths are rare, so if you have someone in your life, who can read you better than anyone else, then value that relationship with honesty. Respect their gift. It is not easy to find compassionate people, who understand you completely, so appreciate that.

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