The Truth About Telepathy With Your Twin Flame

twin flame

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It is said that Twin Flames share a single spirit, that vibrates at a much higher frequency when they are together. This shared spiritual energy is what creates telepathy together, allowing them to intuitively feel the others energy, to know what they are thinking, dreaming and desiring. This telepathy is the expression of a spiritual energy vibration, created by the merging of Twin Souls, that will grow deeper, and stronger, as their unconditional and spiritual love for one another grows.

There are many different ways that soul mates and twin flames share telepathic energy, and whenever our soul mate or twin flame comes into our life, we instantly recognize them, by their unique spiritual energy signature. We can feel a fluttering deep in our heart, when we sense their presence. You can feel their energy embrace you, when you finally meet.

Twin flames can share the same dreams, and many twin flames can develop a psychic connection with their twin soul, even before they meet them. It’s not easy to be away from your twin flame, and they can feel each other’s energy, their feelings, even when apart, regardless of where they are in their lives.

The reunion with your twin flame can only happen, when you experience the love of your own inner twin, the energy of your twin flame, as if you are one spirit together. Never deny or block the truth of your twin soul connection, and you will find it, sooner than you think!