Ten Things People are Unaware of Because You’re An Intuitive

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What exactly is it that these types of people do that makes them intuitive? The MBTI inventory classifies intuitives as people who place a deeper interest and more value in theories and abstracts, and enjoy exploring possibilities, rather than just believing in the 3D reality around them.

Intuitive personality types are always more interested in what isn’t being said, or what isn’t happening, than what actually is. Our world is governed by our senses, and what we perceive; that means that intuitive personalities are easy to identify, as long as you know the signs.

Here are 10 types of behavior that many people don’t realize are common to an intuitive personality.

Starting Debates

Many don’t understand that those with an intuitive personality have a need to look at an issue from all angles. This can lead to a lively debate! Understand that the intuitive personality isn’t debating for the sake of argument, they are simply fulfilling a need to test the validity of a topic, by exploring all angles. Debating like this is one of the learning tools for an intuitive type person; by debating, they can fully understand any holes in their theories.

Planning the Future

Those with an intuitive personality love to plan for the future, sometimes obsessively. They often live in the future, and love planning ahead, reviewing all their options for the future. Intuitive personalities like thinking about their goals, and what their lives will be like in ten or twenty years. But we know that you can’t plan for everything, and it’s important to make sure any future plans are flexible. For extroverted intuitive types, this readjustment of plans happens on a daily basis. However, for introverted intuitive types, the readjustment of plans only happens as absolutely needed.

Taking rules as merely a suggestion

Intuitive personalities are not rebels by nature, but they tend to analyze why a rule exists, and it’s validity, before deciding whether or not to follow it. They also have a tendency to want to do things their own way, and if a rule is ineffective or outdated, they may have no problems ignoring it, and doing things their own way.

Tendency to overanalyze

For intuitive personalities, understand how a given issue affects them isn’t enough. Instead, they need to understand how this issue will effect everyone else as well. There is also a need to understand the underlying theories that tie it all together. Intuitive personalities need to know the intangible explanation, to every tangible problem.

They place little faith in authority

Intuitive personalities trust competence over qualification, and they prefer to decide for themselves how competent someone is. Intuitives understand that most people prefer prestige over true competence, and because of this, a system has been in place to reward degrees and titles onto those who may be good at climbing social ladders, but lack true competence.

Desire to understand all varieties of human nature

Intuitive personalities can be drawn to whatever is different; that can mean the abnormal, the unconventional, or even obscene. Because they seek to have a complete worldview, it means that they can spend their time trying to understand as many oddities of human nature as possible.

Obscure interests

Intuitive personalities can take more interest in what they don’t know, as opposed to what they do know. This can lead them to take an interest in niche topics, or obscure theories, including conspiracy theories. They enjoy the ‘mental gymnastics’ of trying to link seemingly unrelated events and people together.

Socialize with a select group

If you put extroverted intuitives, and introverted intuitives in a room together, you can expect the conversation to naturally flow, because they are energized by quality conversation. But they consider themselves selective socially; they would rather be alone, than around those they can’t connect with. But around other intuitive types, their social side emerges with a fervor!

Playing the Devil’s Advocate

If you want to get under the skin of an intuitive personality, simply insist that everything is black and white. Intuitive types are quick to play the role of devil’s advocate, if they feel the other person has a view on something, without considering the alternative view. Intuitive personalities can be prone to arguing over points they don’t agree with, to prove an issue is more complex than others think it to be.

Pursuing an unconventional lifestyle

Intuitive personalities are often drawn to the unconventional, and sometimes the provocative. They also to have a far more successful entrepreneurial streak than other types. Intuitive personalities can also engage in non-traditional relationships, and dabble with lifestyle choices outside the norm. Intuitive personalities can have a ‘why not’ approach to life, and are often at odds with society.

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