The Subtle Signs of Your Guardian Angel

If you’re fortunate, an angel may be reaching out to you. It’s important to the angels that they don’t frighten us, and at the beginning, their approach can be very subtle. As incidents of angel contact occur, it needs to be assimilated. Once we’ve accepted the idea, angel contact will occur more often.

All Guardian Angels won’t make contact in the same way; they will adapt their style of contact according to their personality, and ours. Some angels may be more “hands on” than others, they like to make it clear they’re with us. Some Angels are more reticent, and prefer to stand back, and wait to be invited in.

Most angels will use signs to show that they’re with us, as it’s very difficult for them to fully manifest into our dimension. Their dimension is very different from ours, and it’s nearly impossible to see them with our eyes, so angels may use other ways to communicate with us. Here are a few of them:

White Feathers

If you are in need, your Guardian 
Angel may bring a white feather across your path, to let you know
 that they’re there for you. The white feather is a classic sign, 
which saying, “We’re here for you, we support you, you’re not alone.” You may find a white feather in an unexpected
 place, or it will magically appear, where no feather was just a minute ago.

This is one of the most common angel sign;do you recall the movie Forrest Gump, and how several times in the movie, a white feather crossed Forrest’s path? Some people may find little fluffy white, feathers and others may find large white quills. The appearance of these feathers can be quite unexpected, or they may appear in an unusual way.

Angel Music

It may be a rare occurrence, but 
you may hear the sound of the celestial choir. Angel music sounds as if a million angels are
 singing in harmony! Many have tried to 
reproduce angel music, and their tracks 
sound similar, but without the energetic vibration of the angels, you can never really replicate it. The angelic choir is said to be praising God, and hearing the song of the angels is one of the most memorable ways an angel can communicate with you.

Small Gifts

Some angels may leave coins, medals, stones, or crystals as a gift. These seemingly insignificant items can have a lot of meaning. It can be very special and comforting to have something tangible, as a reminder that your Guardian Angel is really there for you.

The Media

After requesting help from your angel, your message might come through the media. You might be paging through a book or magazine, and come across an article, paragraph or sentence containing your message. You could be watching TV, and a phrase jumps out at you, or you come across a TV show with the message you need to hear. You could also over hear a conversation on the street, or perhaps a complete stranger says something unexpected, and meaningful to you.


We all experience coincidences, those times when something unexpected happens, and life comes together perfectly. For example, you asked your angel for help in obtaining something, and a friend unexpectedly offers that item to you, or you come across a yard sale, and get it at an unbelievable price.

Another coincidence might be your angel setting up a meeting between you, and another person. Coincidences are just another way for your angel to bring you a sign.


When your angel is close by, you may notice a certain fragrance. The most common is the scent of flowers, especially roses. Another common angel scent is vanilla. If you are with other people, an extraordinary experience that might occur is that many of those present may notice the scent of roses, while the other half notice nothing at all. The fragrance will suddenly fill the air, then disappear just as quickly. If you are suddenly engulfed by the overpowering scent of flowers, it could be that your angel is close by. They love to arrive on a cloud of beautiful flowers!

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