Soulmates are Made… by You!


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Soulmates are not gifted to you, they are made by you. Soul mates are not necessarily always romantic, a soulmate could be a sibling, a cousin, a coworker, or your best friend. You may have many soulmates, over the course of your life, and these connections are to be treasured, as they are connections to the very core of your being.

Below are four signs you have made a soulmate connection:

You have more patience, and show more understanding with this person.

Things that would normally irritate you with other people, don’t have the same effect from a soulmate. You may no longer be as quick to anger, or get your feelings hurt, because you have an understanding of your partner’s soul, and you are able to forgive them more easily. Their motives are clearer to you, in ways that they are not with other people. You can see your soul mate as a soul, and not as their actions. With some spiritual work, you may be able to extend this grace to include others.

The physical attraction between you is strong.

You don’t have the same personal boundaries with your soul mate as you do with most people. In a romantic relationship, this could translate into a powerful sexual attraction. In a family or a platonic relationship, this could translate as frequent hugs. Your closeness is not just an emotional concept, it can be physical too.

You are both in it for the long term.

You find it difficult to imagine living the rest of your life without them, and you have a full commitment to each other’s happiness and success. Whether you are considering starting a small business, or getting married, your soul partner is your source of sensible advice and a listening ear for every big decision in your life. They support your dreams, and you support theirs.

You have their undivided attention.

We live lives of constant distraction, and although most of us are at least try to give our friends and family our undivided attention, it doesn’t always come naturally. We often need to be intentional when it involves putting our phone away, and actively engaging with others with empathy. But with a soul mate, this happens naturally, with no effort, because we really want to be present with our them. As a result, real communication flourishes, and our relationship grows stronger.

If you have been blessed to have a real soul connection with someone, don’t let it go. These relationships are like gold, rare and hard to find. Cherish them and respect them, because they might be the most valuable thing you will ever have.