10 Signs You Are Walking Your Highest Path

Are you on the right path? The the path that will lead you to realizing your highest purpose?

Some are bumpy, some are smooth, some roads are sunny and some are dark. Whatever road you find yourself on, the road you are on reflects your current level of consciousness.

Your highest path, is the path that is going to help you reach the fullest expression of your being. There are a few things you need to understand about the journey of life, before you can answer the question of whether or not you are on the right road.

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You Are Not Compromising Yourself

When walking your highest path, you give up doing things to please others, and instead start doing things that better you, as a person. This does not mean you don’t comprise to get along with others, but your compromises will come from a more conscious place.

When you are on your highest path, you are aligned with your soul, and what your soul has come here to accomplish. You can not compromise this, and still be on your highest path.

You Just Know

If you question whether or not you are walking your highest path, you are probably not on the right path. When you are walking your highest path, you can feel it. There is a feeling that walking this path allows you to feel purposeful and fulfilled.

People often think that their highest path will be a big, grand highway, but it can be a subtle and gentle dirt road as well. Walking your highest path is an unmistakable feeling, and your listening to you heart will give you the answer.

You Can Handle Life’s Difficulties

Your highest path doesn’t protect you from the challenges of life; if you are on your highest path, when challenges do happen, there is an underlying faith that everything will working out perfectly.

When you are on your highest path, there is an underlying feeling of acceptance and understanding. Even when things are difficult, if you are on your highest path, your awareness sees the bigger picture, and views things from a more purposeful place.

You Are Not Afraid to Be You

If you are on your highest path, there will be a feeling of self confidence, and acceptance of who you are, and the gifts you need to bring to the world. You may feel passionate about what you do, and fulfilled by the decisions you make in life.

When you can fully appreciate and acknowledge your Self, it will allow you to make decisions from a higher level of consciousness, allowing you to walk the path of your highest self.

You Have a Belief in Something Bigger Than Yourself

When you walk your highest path, you may feel a connection to something bigger than just you. When you are on your highest path, you are in sync with your soul, and the heart beat of the Universe, allowing you to access Divine realms, and be in continuous contact with your intuition.

When you believe in something bigger than yourself, you will feel supported on your journey, and that your journey has a larger purpose than you can understand yourself.

You are Always Learning

When you are on your highest path, you will have a curiosity about life, and a desire to continually learn, grow and expand. When you are on your highest path, you may feel the desire to travel, volunteer or dedicate your time to helping other people.

You Feel Connected and Grateful

When you are on your highest path, you will experience an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the experiences and people that cross your path.

When you are on your highest path, you will understand that we are all connected, and that your energy is one thread of a larger tapestry, and that we all are working on over several lifetimes and incarnations, to achieve our higher purpose.

You Witness Miracles

When you are on your highest path, miracles will start to unfold around you. When you are on your highest path, you will become aware of the little, everyday miracles, such as the blossoming of a flower.

Your thoughts and intentions will manifest quickly, and your life may be full of synchronicities that are just too mysterious to understand.

Your intuitive senses may also gain strength, and your body may also heal faster than it did before.

You Meet Your Soulmates

When you walk your highest path, you are more likely to meet soulmates, that are here to support you on your journey. These special souls can be teachers, lovers or friends. No matter how they come into your life, when you are walking your highest path, the people you are around reflect that.

Also, old friends drift away, and new people may come into your life that are more aligned with where you are at vibrationally.

You Keep Growing in Consciousness

Just as you are changing, so too will your highest path. If you don’t keep up with the changes on your path, it will throw you off course. This is normal, and it may take time, and a new level of consciousness, to find your way on your highest path again.

Your highest path is a feeling, and not an external destination. No matter what is happening in your life, walking your highest path is a feeling that we can all achieve, when we start to realize our own potential.

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