The 3 Causes of Dis-Ease, According to Shamans

According to the shaman, there are three classic causes of the dis-ease, which surprisingly, are not viruses, bacteria, or microbes, but rather our internal emotional and spiritual states.


The first cause of dis-ease is disharmony, which happens when someone loses a relationship that was important to them in their life, or when an individual is devoid of a sense of belonging. Disharmony decreases personal power, which, in turn, makes a person vulnerable to illness or accidents.

An example of disharmony occurs when one partner in an elderly couple suddenly dies. Often within a year and a half, the surviving partner becomes ill, and dies.


The second cause of dis-ease is fear. A person with chronic fear is vulnerable to illness, because fear diminishes the efficiency of the immune system. Modern medicine also acknowledges that fear and disharmony contribute to illness.

Soul Loss

From the shamanic point of view, soul loss is the most serious, causing most the serious illnesses and premature deaths.

What is soul loss? Soul loss implies a serious wound to the inner person, to the inner essence of the individual. In Western culture, the loss of the soul is often associated with trauma.

Soul loss can occur as the result of abuse, as in the case of rape or assault. Soul loss can occur as a result of betrayal, a bitter divorce, a terrible car accident, or even surgery. Many soldiers who have fought in wars, return traumatized, suffering from soul loss.

The Symptoms of Soul Loss

  • The feeling of being fragmented, not completely there, memory blocks, inability to remember parts of your life, and the inability to feel or receive love.
  • The sudden onset of apathy and indifference, sadness and despair, the inability to feel joy, suicidal thoughts and addictions.
  • From the viewpoint of Western medicine, disease is seen as an intrusion, something that enters the body from the outside, something that does not belong in the body. This may be true when it comes to a virus, or an injury. But the most important issue may be a loss of personal power, or loss of soul, which allowed the disease to manifest itself in the body, or led to an accident.

    In accordance with the shamanic tradition, healing takes place in 4 stages.

  • The first stage involves increasing power, a process during which the shaman gives more power to the patient.
  • The second stage is to diagnose the problem, discover the cause, and feel its effect on the patient’s body.
  • The third stage involves the healing process.
  • The fourth stage is the practice of soul retrieval.