Tools to Live in Light, Love and Awareness


Our challenge in life is to transform, transmute, and live life on Lighter terms. The world contains a multitude of low energy vibrations and thoughts; to rise above it, we can send out love and light, and remember, we are capable of magic!

When we create an energy field of love around us, others can feel it. Just as a negative soul can drive others away, a Light-minded person will draw others to them. Every day, we can send love into everything we do, and fill every thought we think.

Light consciousness is a healing tool that will sustain our spiritual connections, and those connections are the conduit of life energy, filling us with knowledge, courage, and energy. When we understand how to tap in, we can fill our hearts with unconditional love.

Sending Love and Light

1. Your ability to visualize is key to self-realization and manifestation. If you can visualize an aura of protection, surrounding yourself in spiritual light from head to toe, filling every chakra in your body, you can direct this healing energy anywhere.

2. You can send love and healing to any person, situation or location through the practice of energy healing, prayer, and meditation. This comes from channeling a higher spiritual frequency, and not your personal vibration.

3. Affirmations can be a great way to uplift your spiritual energy on a daily basis. Affirmation: I AM light, I AM loved, I have courage, I AM strong, I AM forgiven.

Healing Protection and Clearing

4. Protect yourself from negative energies every day, by surrounding yourself with Light, and fill your mind with positive thoughts. Gossiping, being disrespectful, and emotional abuse will bring you anxiety, fear, and depression. Avoid these behaviors, which threaten or block your ability to live life with purpose, hope, knowledge, and joy.

5. Clear your etheric field with meditation, practiced in your own sacred space. This establishes the daily practice of letting go; let go of what you no longer need, or never needed, and fill those places with light and purpose.

6. Practice gratitude for every situation, good or bad, that has assisted you in your spiritual journey. Bless everyone and everything that brings value to your life, be thankful every day for life itself, and all that you’ve learned.

7. Understand that your source of Love comes from within, and not from other people. When you align yourself with your true consciousness, you will realize that others are not responsible for you, or for your perceptions or reactions. Free yourself from what others think, and send out love to every situation.

The Value of Self Control

When we take responsibility for the vibration we live in, we develop control. When we unify these higher vibrations in our thoughts and words, we raise the frequency of any space; even the Earth is affected positively, every time we create joy and love.

Every time you sending someone who is hurting love, their heart lights up. Every time you give someone a chance, it creates a ripple effect of love, bringing new awareness and healing. This is how we are meant to live, without any struggle for power or control, creating the energy of peace.

Transform with Love and Light

This Light within has been with us since before we were born. We possess magic in our hearts, and in our ability to transform, evolving and loving, no matter how we have judged ourselves or those around us.

Visualize the planet whole and healed, immersed in loving energies. Imagine that universe inside every open heart, coming together in a true realization of higher spiritual consciousness. That is a grand purpose, to manifest humanity’s future.

Dalai Lama
Deepak Chopra
Wayne Dyer
Thich Nhat Hanh