Caring for Your Cards

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Click on the picture for the contents.

Storing your cards

There are a few traditional ways to store your tarot cards-

#1- Store them in a cloth bag, preferably black (to absorb negativity)
#2- Store them in a decorative box.
#3- Wrap them in a cloth, preferably black (to absorb negativity)

Which ever way appeals to you best is fine, but the point is, protect your cards from absorbing negativity! Don’t leave them lying around where anyone can pick them up, or look at them- these are your cards, your special friends and advisors, and they must be treated with respect. Don’t let anyone casually handle them- only those for whom you are doing readings, or those who are truly interested in learning themselves.

Shuffling the Cards

You can shuffle your cards anyway you like, but the idea is, tarot cards are expensive, and should not be shuffled and bent like ordinary playing cards! Be gentle with them. Also, whether or not you want to let others shuffle the cards when you read for them is up to you- many people will not feel a reading is accurate unless they shuffle to “get their energy” on the cards- even though they don’t read themselves, they like to feel they are really participating! Also, whether or not you “cut the cards” into three piles like some traditions is entirely up to you; or whether you deal from the top is also a choice. (I personally riffle through the deck, and pull out the cards that ‘feel’ right). The bottom line is, you should find your own little rituals (although when reading for others, you might find that they expect you to stick to certain procedures they’ve seen with other readers, or else they will sit through your reading feeling like it wasn’t done right…. It’s up to you whether or not you want to play along to make them feel more comfortable.)

Cleansing Your Cards

Periodically, you might want to cleanse your cards of negativity. This can be done in several ways.

#1- Keep a quartz or amethyst crystal with your cards.
#2- Smudge them with sage or incense.
#3- Leave them in the sunlight.

Obviously, don’t use water!

Reading while you are feeling depressed desperate, lonely, angry, etc. can leave that emotional ‘imprint’ on your cards, and taint future readings with that vibration. Also, if you do a lot of readings for other people, especially if they are feeling desperate, lonely, depressed, angry etc., it is a good idea to cleanse your cards to keep the energy clean and neutral.

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