Are You Air Water Earth or Fire?

Everything in this Universe is interconnected, and there are no coincidences. We are all spiritual beings, having the human experience, and not a human experiencing spirituality. We are the Universe expressing itself through the human experience. We are born from the Universe, and have within us the five physical elements; Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Ether. (Ether is a subtle element, recessive in all)

Here are the basics of the particular elements. For some people, the energy of all four elements is equally strong, resonating equally with all four elements.

The Water Element

Water Spirits come into the world to heal, through art, music and creativity. Highly intuitive, Water people can be very experimental with their creativity, exploring everything with an open mind and heart. Water people can be very sensitive to their environment, and can feel other people‚Äôs energy, even if they’re unaware of it. They have the gift of intuition.

A water person can awaken spiritually, by simply knowing who they really are, and allowing their creativity to flow freely, like water. A water person is naturally a non-conformist, and when force to conform, they can lose their balance. When out of balance, Water can feel overwhelmed and drained, becoming overly sensitive, depressed and anxious. It’s vital for a water person to effectively manage their emotional side.

The Fire Element

Fire spirits come into the world as messengers, and they can deliver the message when they are true to themselves. They have a fire in the belly, that propels them towards their dreams, conquering all obstacles. Expressing their true Self is easy, and by being their true self, they create magic.

The issue with fire spirits is if they are out of balance, and feel blocked in their lives, they can lose their ability to think clearly, possibly resulting in feelings of anxiety. When out of balance, a Fire Spirit can be too aggressive, and dominating, lashing out at anyone getting in their way. But if they focus on the big picture, and use their core strength, they will calm, and find their true purpose.

The Air Element

Air spirits are here on Earth to bring vision and innovation; they are natural born teachers and speakers. Air people are visionaries, bringing lasting change, through their revolutionary beliefs and ideas. Air people can tune into their awakened self, through prophetic visions and dreams. They may need to complete their vision through many lifetimes.

Air people have a natural ability to solve issues, and resolve conflicts. They are the guardians of peace, and may go to great lengths to protect it. When out of balance, and Air senses conflict, they can close themselves off, rather than deal with it. They also can lose their connection with people, isolating themselves.

The Earth Element

Earth Spirits are on this earth to heal; heal themselves, others, and the world at large. As natural healers, they are drawn to plants, and their healing properties. They are highly tuned to the Earth, feeling it internally. Their goal is to make this Earth a better place to live.

When Earth awakens, it stems from a deep desire to heal. They can be driven, and don’t mind taking on the responsibility required to fulfill their purpose. Earth people are natural born leaders, and usually allow a lot of space in their lives, to accommodate other people.

When out of balance, Earth people can forget the big picture, turn cold, and become distant and anxious. Earth people need to spend time in nature, to find their balance.