5 Biggest Myths about Psychic Guidance


Many psychic counselors use more than psychic insight to provide you with counseling guidance. They may use different divination tools such as the Tarot, runes, a crystal ball, numerology or astrology to help give you more specific details.

Some psychics might contact their spirit guides, while others might connect with your spirit guides or deceased loved ones. So, while the methods are different, the results are similar; they can help you to see your future path clearer.

Here are the five biggest myths about psychic readers you should know, before you get a psychic reading.

Myth #1 Psychics Can Read Your Mind

Psychics are “energy readers”, a good psychic counselor will sense how you are feeling, and discern what’s happening within your energy field. She can pick up on why you feel the way you feel, and the struggles you may be having.

A good psychic can sense energetically which choice will provide a clearer path for you, but a psychic won’t know when your favorite food is, or when your birthday is. A good psychic won’t bother to try to read your mind, because the real, deeper information is to be found in your energy field. If a psychic needs certain specific information from you, she’ll ask. For example, an astrologer may ask you your exact date, time and place of birth. Or, a psychic medium may ask you the name of the deceased loved one you want to contact. Providing this information is the means to get a good reading, not cheating.

Myth #2 Psychics Know Everything All the Time

Psychics are only human, and human beings get tired, and they can make mistakes. Psychic counseling can be demanding, and many psychics need a lot of down time to recharge their batteries. They can’t be “On” all the time.

Psychics can’t know everything, simply because that’s against human nature. Like everyone, psychics are on a spiritual journey, and there is always more to explore and learn, there’s always room to grow. Even when they get help from spirit guides, a psychic can only receive the information that’s relevant for the moment. Psychic readers are like water ways, they connect two separate bodies, into one deep pool.

Myth #3 Psychics Should Always Be 100% Right

Not so, because the information received is only a glimpse into your life, not the whole picture. It’s only what you need to know right now, so you can make your next choice more consciously. Sometimes you need to hear a certain truth, right now, so you can grow. Your future is not set in stone, you have many possibilities and paths. Psychics can’t walk your path for you, nor will a good psychic pressure you to go down a certain path. Even if you consult with more than one psychic, you are the master of your choices in life. What you do with the psychic information is up to you.


Myth #4 Psychic Intuition is the Same as Psychic Abilities

You don’t become a master mechanic, if all you can do is change your air filter. Intuition is just a small part of being a professional psychic; it’s an important part of it, but a small part. Many psychic counselors go through years of training, they become proficient in various techniques such as Tarot, cartomancy, spiritual channeling, and more. They also learn meditation, clearing their psychic field, and ground their energy before giving you a reading.

Being a professional psychic is really a career. Professional psychics spend years to expand their reading skills, and build a successful client base. Professional psychics also have psychological knowledge in relationships, career couseling, health, or other life matters. Merely having intuition isn’t enough to become an established a successful psychic counseling career.

Myth #5 All Psychics Are Mediums

There’s a big difference between psychics and psychic mediums. Psychics can perceive the past, present and future, and travel between the dimensions of time and space, as well as here in the physical world. Psychic mediums, on the other hand, cross the boundaries of our dimension, and connect with the spirit world. They travel through the veil. The two require completely different skill sets.

Before you choose your psychic, make sure you know what you are looking for. Not all psychics are expert in all psychic abilities. Check their profile and see if they can deliver exactly what you need.

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