Warding Off Psychic Attack


The concept of “psychic attacks” (the ability to cause harm or drain someone’s energy from some form of mental telepathy) may seem like science fiction, but many people, including military intelligence agencies, believe that negative mental energy not only exists, but may actually be focused to cause verifiable harm to targeted individuals. Both Russia and the U.S. have experimented with different telepathic techniques to influence their enemies since the Cold War. Most psychic attacks, however, are of a personal nature, rather than political.

Types of Psychic Attacks

While personal psychic attacks can be implemented through a conscious effort by an individual actively seeking to harm someone, psychic attacks can also be the result of the subconscious mind, seeking to redress deep seated feelings of anger, jealousy, hurt and injustice, whether real or imagined. As a result, psychic attacks can come from either someone who is intentionally seeking to harm you, or, a close friend or family member who may be unaware to the draining power their own negativity has on those around them.

In cultures with tribal traditions such as voodoo witchcraft and “black magic,” psychic attacks take the form of spells and curses designed to bring supernatural forces to bear against the target, and directed negative energy, often manifested as malevolent spirits, to infiltrate and disrupt the target individual’s personal energy, resulting in dangerous consequences.

In Western cultures, there are those who believe that evil does exist in the world, and that there are dark entities waiting for an opportunity to infiltrate an unwitting individual to drain them of their life force, and possess them. In Judeo-Christian belief, these dark forces equate to the Satan and his army of demons, whose sole purpose is to subvert mankind away from God.

One form of psychic attack that has gained particular notoriety in the modern world is the “psychic vampire.” These are individuals whose overwhelming negativity drains the life out of any environment, and infects anyone they come into contact with, or whose own spiritual defenses are not adequate to assure a good self defense.

Are You Experiencing a Psychic Attack?

No matter the source of psychic attack, there are things that you can do to protect yourself from the psychological and physical harm that can result. The first step in reversing a negative energy attack is to recognize the signs. This list of symptoms is only a guideline, and of course, these manifestations may be due to a different cause, including health related issues totally unrelated to a psychic attack, so if you’re experiencing any or all of these symptoms, it’s advised to first consult with a medical professional, before seeking the advise of a spiritual advisor.

• The sudden inability to think clearly

• Unexplained fatigue or feeling “drained”

• Feeling cold, no matter what the temperature

• Frequent or recurring nightmares

• Experiencing a series of small unexplainable accidents or a string of bad luck

• The feeling you’re being watched, or a sensation that you’re being touched when you’re alone

• Sensing a presence, or seeing something in the shadows that disappears when you try to get a better look

• The sudden onset of a negative obsession that you can’t rid yourself of

Protecting Yourself Against Psychic Attacks

If you think you’re under a psychic attack, there are a number of ways you can protect yourself. As with any spiritual practice, it can take some trial and error to find which method is most effetive for you.

Daily Aura Cleansing: White sage smudges or incense is a powerful cleanser that help rid negative energy. A daily ritual cleansing will keep your psychic defenses performing at their peak.

Gemstone Therapy: These can either be purchased in powdered form and mixed with water to create a spray, or used as stones and crystals that can be worn as jewelry or kept in your environment to cleanse the psychic ambience of your home or office. Hematite, Amber, Quartz and Zincite are powerful for keeping yourself grounded and protected. Crystals and stones will have to be cleansed and re-energized from time to time to maintain maximum power.

Meditation and Affirmations: Daily meditation that include personal protection affirmations are good for strengthening your psychic self defense abilities. Breathe deeply, and focus on clearing yourself of all negative energy. Visualize yourself surrounded by a white, healing light, and imagine that all negativity is flowing down and out of your body, to be absorbed and healed by Mother Earth.

Consult a Professional: Some psychic readers are proficient in reading auras; if you think you’re the victim of a psychic attack, or are just feeling blocked from reaching your full potential, a trained psychic can help clear you of negativity, entities that may have attached to you, and put you back on the path to health and fulfillment.

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