Twin Flame Relationships Represent Duality

Twin Flame Relationships Represent Duality

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As half of a twin flame soul, you have always known that something, or someone, has been missing from your life, and finding that other half has been a primary life’s quest for you.

From the very beginning, many twin flame relationships face huge challenges, and many assume that these challenges are what is keeping you apart from completely uniting with your other half. But in reality, the challenges are what you’re meant to overcome, in order to clear your karma, spiritually advance, and be together as one. Overcoming the challenges is part of your spiritual journey, it’s what you’re here to do.

To understand a twin flame relationship, consider the symbolic significance of the yin yang. Each of the twin souls is a polar opposite of each other’s personality and characteristics. While one twin may have a positive attitude, the other will be pessimistic. One twin may be courageous, and the other timid, one may be committed to the relationship, and the other indifferent, and wandering away.

You should understand that the purpose of meeting your twin flame, during this lifetime, is to conciliate those opposite dualities, because you will feel incomplete, without the opposing aspect of your twin soul. The more extreme the duality is between the twin souls, the more karmic energy will released when the polarity is reconciled and completed, and the further you will advance spiritually.

The “mirror” of a twin flame relationship reveals to you who you are; what you hold in judgement, what you fear, what you hold in high esteem, what you revile, what you feel you have lost, what you have gained, your expectations and your mental programming. A twin flame tests your soul, and challenges you to release karmic baggage and grow spirtually.

While twin flames may be attracted to one other for many different reasons, they still have many common karmic issues to clear. If you accept your karmic issues, and resolve them, if your relationship is not a “true” twin flame, it will most likely fade away, and end. But, if it is your true twin flame, and you clear your karma, you will have the thing you have been searching for, your entire life, a feeling of completeness, and a sense of spiritual clarity.

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