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yin yang candle
mortar and pestle
charm bag or box
stone bowl & black cloth
sea salt
shiva lingam stone
fennel seed
patchouli leaf
red rose buds
lotus oil

The evening before the ritual, immerse the lingam stone in the dry sea salt, to clarify and purify it’s vibration.
On the evening of the Full Moon, annoint the candle thotoughly with the lotus oil, repeating this incantation:

as within the heart
so within these walls
peace and harmony preside
on the inside

By the light of the candle, grind the herbs into a fine powder in the mortar and pestle, repeating:

I invoke the spirit
of harmony
to release from the essense of these herbs
the power to protect

When the herbs are thoroughly ground, place them in the silver bowl with the lingam stone, and cover it with the black cloth. Leave it overnight in a safe place.
The next day, sprinkle the corners of your home and/or office with the herbs, paying particular attention to places where people gather the most. Keep the stone in the charm box or bag, under your bed or mattress, or if the problems are mostly a work, keep it hidden in your desk.

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