Tips to Unlock Your Psychic Potential

Tips to Unlock Your Psychic Potential

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Everyone has innate psychic potential. Consequently, the first step to unlocking this psychic potential, is actually believing it’s possible. Understanding that you have so much more psychic power than you realize, is essential to unleashing your true psychic ability. Correspondingly, if you really believe something is possible, then it will manifest in your reality. So it will be. If you believe there is an infinite number of possible ways to intuit things unseen, there will be.

There are many forms of psychic ability, but for beginners, let’s focus on the three main forms of psychic ability. These are clairaudience, psychic perception through hearing, clairsentience is psychic perception through feelings, and clairvoyance is the ability to visualize things in the future, or out of reach of normal human abilities.

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Developing Clairaudience

Begin by simply listening to everything around you all at once. Allow all of the sounds to soak into your consciousness.

Next, focus your attention on individual and distinct sounds. Such as, listen closely to the birds chirping, tress leaves rustling, distant airplanes, etc.

Gradually, you will notice an increase in your awareness of the subtlety of what is around you. Practice every chance you have. It’s easy!

Increase Your Clairvoyance

Have someone place 5 different objects on a tray. In addition, make sure these are things you have never seen before.

Study the objects on the tray for 10 seconds, then have it removed from your sight.

Next, mentally visualize each object, and remember where it was placed on the tray. Furthermore, remember as much detail as you possibly can.

Increase the number of objects, as this exercise gets easier for you. Increase to 10-15 objects.

However, if you don’t have someone to help you, try this exercise with playing cards. Place the cards face up, study them, then cover them up. Remember the cards and their placement, uncover, and record what you got right.

Develop Your Clairsentience

You can use an old technique called as psychometry. This is the ability to learn about objects by reading the energy on them, with your sense of touch.

Begin with small objects, that you can hold in your hand, such as jewellery or keys. That is to say, objects that have been worn close to someone.

Make yourself comfortable, take a few deep breaths, and rub your hands together to get your energy flowing.

Next, hold the object in your hands, and close your eyes.

Write down or record everything you see, hear or feel about the object. Don’t filter your thoughts, nothing is off limits.

Finally, ask the person who gave it to you, whether your observations are correct.

In Conclusion

Honing your psychic ability takes time, practice and patience. Fortunately, with these simple exercises, you can develop your psychic abilities. Keep at it, and you just may become a psychic expert in no time!