Tips for Reading Tarot Professionally

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Click on the picture for the contents.

Are you feeling confident? Are all of your friends amazed at your accuracy and ability to give great advise? Need a little extra money? Then you may want to consider reading professionally! There are many different ways to get started. Here are a few ideas.

I had some friends who ran an Alternative art gallery years ago, and when they would have openings, I would show up, cards in hand. They were happy to let me set up a “fortune telling” table, and charge a few bucks to do readings. If you have any friends or acquaintances that regularly run some sort of social events- art openings, dances, singles parties, just about anything that resembles a party- see if they will let you do readings. Usually, this is a good venue for quick, mini readings, where you can charge a nominal fee. But it will be good practice, and an opportunity to pass out your business card.

Do you live in the funky, artsy part of town? Near a university or college? Scout out a likely coffee house, and see if they would be open to you setting up a table a few times a week. You will probably have to commit to some sort of schedule, and this will probably also be a good venue for mini readings.

Farmer’s Markets and Flea Markets are also a useful venue. Once again, a good venue for mini readings, but you will be surprised at how busy you will be!

Feeling really confident? Then check into reading at a Psychic Fair. Once you are feeling very confident and well practiced, approach the local New Age book store, and see if you can do readings there. You will need to be very good and professional- most of these book stores work hard to cultivate a certain image and mystique, and you will need to fit in with that. The store will also be judged by your ability to read!

You can open an office, or work at home. This is a move you may want to make once you have been reading in other venues, and have built up a clientele and a mailing list. You need to make sure you will have enough business to pay the rent.

And last but not least, reading on the phone. One very good solution to building your own phone reading business is opening an account with a website called Kasamba. It’s FREE to start, and you can set your own price- they just take a nominal connection fee. Click here to visit Kasamba and get started with your own psychic hotline! You can hand out business cards with your Kasamba extension, but it’s also a great idea to have your own website, or even a blog, with “call now” buttons to paste in. A cool feature of Kasamba is live mobile chat.

You can, of course, sign up for more than one psychic hotline, and alternate logging on, or see which site is bringing in the most calls. BUT LOGGING IN TO MORE THAN ONE PHONE PSYCHIC GIG IS RISKY! You will be tempted at first to log into more than one, since the call volume will initially be slow, and you’re gonna think, “Well, if I sign onto everything, it will make up for the low volume.” But you risk getting a bad score or getting dropped altogether if someone tried to call in from another line, and you are already on a call. This is especially true if you are working for one of the big psychic lines.

OK, so there are a few ideas for getting out there and reading for strangers. Yes, reading for strangers is going to be different than reading for yourself or your friends! You already know your own situation, and you know the situations and personalities in the lives of your friends and family; you may not realize how much of that ready information you are unconsciously utilizing until you begin reading for people you know nothing about. This is when your true knowledge of the tarot, and your true intuition really comes into play!

#1- Don’t assume anything! The way people dress, walk, talk etc. can be deceiving! I remember a reading I did at my friend’s art gallery- most everyone there was “artsy’, “punky” or “funky”, with pink hair, piercings and tattoos, except for this one guy wearing a suit. He looked like the most normal guy in the world! But when I did a reading for him…. To this day, I don’t know exactly what he was into, but the deeper I got into it, the weirder it got! My intuition was really tuned in, and I was saying what was coming “off the top of my head”. He got really intense, a little paranoid; I began to realize, he was probably the weirdest, most disturbed guy at the party, but you would never know to look at him!

Also, don’t assume sexual orientation- just because someone looks straight, gay or whatever, it’s not necessarily so. You may have Kings and Queens coming up in the reading, but that doesn’t necessarily mean men and women….. sometimes, women may show themselves in a reading as men, and visa versa. It doesn’t necessarily denote sexual orientation. Play it safe, and say something like, “a person with a strong, masculine energy”, and try to lead them into giving you a clue to who that might be.

#2- Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Start off the reading by asking, “What would you like to know about?” It will make your job so much easier if you KNOW it’s about a boyfriend, boss, job, whatever. As you get into the reading, keep asking questions, “What does he do for a living?” “Do you think she’s happy there?” “Can you really afford that?” Once you get deep enough into it, most people are eager to open up- then the reading often turns into the conversation they’ve been dying to have all along!

#3- I just said “Don’t assume anything”, but if you must assume, because the client doesn’t want to talk, most readings have to do with love and money. You will be able to tell this from the cards- are there a lot of Cups? Pentacles? Lot’s of Swords denoting conflict? Wands may denote some sort of move. Once again, remember to tell your “tarot story” and as you do, most people will begin to open up and participate in the reading.

#4- Some people will actually pay money to prove that you are not psychic! Yes, some people will get a big kick out of proving what a phony you are! Just roll with it, don’t take it personally, and often, you can turn this situation around, and at least have a little fun with it, and entertain the person! On phone lines, you will sometimes get giggling girls “testing” you. No need to be annoyed- it’s their $2.99 a minute!

#5- Sometimes, you will get people who want very concrete answers to very specific questions, which very few readers can answer, like, “What is he going to look like? What color hair is he going to have?” “What is my boyfriend going to buy me for my birthday?” “Am I pregnant? Who is the father?” It’s almost impossible to satisfy clients like this! If it’s about health, just advise them that you can not give medical advise, and they should go see a doctor (or go to a drug store and buy a simple pregnancy test!). Otherwise, do the best you can. Keep them entertained, and if you find a really effective way to deal with this sort of situation, let me know!

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