Three Tips to Find Your True Love With Online Dating


In the world of online dating, it’s too common for many to get caught in the “net” by others that are not true soul mates. Many relationships unnecessarily suffer emotional distress, heartache, and an ultimately end. Such relationships evolve from unhealthy online flirting on dating sites. There’s an antidote for those who have been affected by it.

Despite one’s past or present circumstances, 3 Key Factors: Character, Compatibility and Connection, can give hope that it’s still possible to find love, and have a healthy and prosperous life with a special loved one.

1 – Character

The initial step to attract the ideal soul mate is to identify the true character of one’s self. The most effective way to do that is to write down the character traits you feel are important to share ‘a life’ with. Before even beginning online flirting, it is best to first write down the character traits of the person one desires to share ‘a life’ with.

Next, review the list to be sure that it aligns with your current and desired character traits, because due to the Universal Law of Attraction, like attracts like.

If you write down, “I want someone to love ME”, then it will attract mates who each want the same thing, “I want someone to love ME.” Since like attracts like, people who each want “I want someone to love ME” will likely not attract “someone to love”.

If you want to attract an ideal soul mate, be sure to begin your list with the words, “I want to attract an ideal soul mate who has the following character traits to share ‘a life’ with me for the rest of our lives.”

There is a lot of power in words, especially words that are rooted in such strong emotion. One word, one sentence, the order of those words, really does make a difference. So be very clear, descriptive and careful when you write down the character traits of the one you want to share ‘a life’ with for the rest of your life. And know that you can always edit your list; add, delete, and rearrange your words, what you want, because what you want is for your mate to be highly compatible with you. Which brings us to the second key factor.

2 – Compatibility

Compatibility, seeded and rooted in true strength of character, stems from the Universal Law of Attraction. If you discover that the character traits you wrote down for your desired mate do not align with your current character traits, then you’re just not ready to be in a healthy relationship.

It would be a waste of time, energy and resources to be in a relationship where you settled for less than what they really wanted. Make the best use of your energy by focusing on improving yourself during this alone time. You’ll probably find yourself adding to your listeven after you meet a compatible soul mate; it’s healthy to continuously develop a good, authentic character. Compatibility based on true character does not disappoint. Soul mates bring out the best in one another, not the worst. You and your compatible soul mate will continuously give each other the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive independently, as well as interdependently with one another.

True character that is highly compatible cannot be faked. Even before this virtual virus came into existence, “faking it” is how most relationships resulted in irreconcilable differences.

3 – Connections

“Meaningful Connections”, the character of two ideal soul mates aligned with one another. When your list of an ideal character traits aligns with your character traits, then you are ready to begin connecting with others in sincere and meaningful ways.

These meaningful connections will begin to happen online, as well as offline. Begin the process with a reputable site that you intuitively believe an ideal soul mate would choose. Choose an online dating site where you can provide your own true descriptive character traits, as well as the ideal soul mate you want to attract. Remember, be careful with the wording in your online presence, because every word has power.

As you continue to invest time and energy in yourself, and in your online presence, you’ll attract an ideal soul mate that does the same. Don’t shy away from the lengthy process required from reputable online dating sites, and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, because what you want is an ideal soul mate.

Ultimately, when two romantic souls begin to connect in meaningful ways, what solidifies that meaningful connection is the KISS. If you haven’t yet experienced the power of that KISS, consider the movie, Pretty Woman… remember that moment when Julia Roberts and Richard Gere have that KISS? We witness this KISS in many movies because in our soul, we feel it, we connect with it. Why? Because we either remember or want that same meaningful connection with our own ideal soul mate.

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