Three Indications of Psychic Ability

3 indications of psychic ability

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There is a fine line between empathy, intuition and real psychic ability. Sometimes it’s difficult to know if your experiences indicate psychic abilities or not. Below are three major signs that indicate you’ve had a psychic awakening.

However, it’s important to realize that these experiences do not necessarily mean you’re psychic. Moreover, if you believe you do have latent psychic abilities, you’ll need to dedicate significant time to developing those abilities further.

Psychic Connections

Perhaps the most common sign of psychic ability is an extraordinary connection with other people. In many cases, those who possess psychic abilities are magnetic; others often feel compelled to share the intimate details of their lives.

Likewise, people instinctively seek out psychics for their insight, advice, and wisdom. Even when young, many psychics say that older people sought their opinions on an issue that was beyond their years.

True psychics can often connect with animals in a remarkable way, as well. This is because psychics are gifted with a natural ability to communicate both physically and emotionally. Moreover, in rare cases, psychics can communicate telepathically.


Seeing into the future seems abstract to many people, but these future visions can often occur in small ways. Intuition can come as a “gut feeling,” like déjà vu, or thinking about something before it happens.

These could all be an example of a premonition. Evaluate these experiences based on context. Coincidences do happen; it’s better to rule out anything such as an unconscious bias that could be mistaken as a psychic experience.

Precognitive Dreams

While not every psychic will have symbolic or prophetic dreams, true psychics often receive spiritual messages while they dream more so than during waking hours.

Dreams that might suggest you have psychic abilities include witnessing scenes that become true in reality, or speaking with a spirit guide or a deceased loved one. Similarly, mystifying, symbolic messages can be of a psychic nature.

Likewise, a dream you are someone else, speaking an unfamiliar language, or visiting a place you have never been to are also indicators of either a past life, or psychic abilities.

We are all born with some degree of intuitive and psychic abilities; however, it’s just that some people are more aware of it. By calmly stepping back, and playing the observer, you may begin to recognize your own psychic abilities. Once recognized, these abilities can further be developed.