Three Essential Tips for Awakening Your Inner Healer

At some point in your human journey, you’ve experienced your own healing power; the power to make life better, make yourself well, restore yourself, and make yourself whole. Have you ever wondered how you could use that kind of healing to help others? Do you feel called to be a healer? Could you do it?

You can trust that everything that happens in your life, is a part of your Divine plan, that everything that has happened, is serving your higher purpose. Take a moment to review your life story, to see if the traumas and obstacles of your life might be the necessary foundation to develop you as a healer. Ask yourself, what has prepared you to develop your healing gift?

A healer is someone who can expand their consciousness, and direct healing energy to help others, on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. Since ancient times, healers (or shamans) secured the assistance of the spirit world, for the benefit of their community. They provided healing for the body, the psyche, and brought greater harmony to their community and the environment. They also served as intermediaries, or messengers, between the human and spirit worlds. Energy healers today can contribute the same value to their communities; they are naturally gifted, and called to this vocation by profound life events. They can help their friends and family, or the entire community, find relief from emotional and physical pain.

Does the world of healing match your higher purpose? If you’re fully engaged, body, mind and soul, you’ll know you’re living your life purpose. Are you focused, compassionate, and hardworking? Do you love spending time everyday in nature, meditation, or prayer? Have you worked through the emotional wounds of your childhood? Healing power lies inside you, it just needs to be awakened, nurtured, and practiced.

Are you ready to explore your healing possibilities? Here are three tips to awaken your inner healer:

Examine Your Beliefs — Daily journaling is an excellent way to explore your values and beliefs, and to develop an open mind. Some of your beliefs may be limiting you and holding you back, especially beliefs based in fear. Fear is always limiting. More than 90% of our most important beliefs are unconscious. Your unconscious beliefs can inhibit you from becoming what you were meant to be. When you are confined to operating strictly from preexisting ideas, it will be impossible to expand your consciousness and grow, to take in new beliefs and make new choices. Your task is to reach beyond the boundaries of your conditioning, and live true to who you really are. Once you are clear within yourself, you can then act as a clear channel for others.

Expand your consciousness – Can you see beyond the limitations of your body and mind? Do you feel like a part of the vast universe, connected to All That Is? Spending time meditating in nature can ease you into an expanded state of awareness. Practicing yoga and prayer, can also be consciousness expanding, but the surest method of heightened consciousness is meditation.

A state of expanded consciousness is the best way to get guidance and direction, to recharge your energy, and to obtain the information you need for healing. An expanded state of consciousness allows you to connect to your own higher self, as well as the energetic field of all possibility. All the knowledge and power you need to effect healing for yourself and others, is right beyond your everyday senses. When you are able to intentionally access the unified field, you have the ability to discover anything in the past, present, and future; this information is the basis of your ability to help others, the very foundation of energy healing.

Balance Your Inner and Outer – It’s important to balance your inner practices like journaling, meditation and prayer, with your real world service to others. There must be an inner and outer harmony in your life for healing to take place, and connection is a powerful force for healing. You always have an opportunity to be of service, to every person you meet, throughout your day. Smile at the checkout counter, don’t be pushy to the people standing in line with you, be generous, and let that other car into the lane ahead of you. You are being of service whenever you send out a current of caring, which clears a space for you to receive more of the energy of higher consciousness that you seek. Becoming more loving in your everyday interactions is how to heal yourself and others.

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