The Charming and Dangerous Mask: False Soulmates

dangerous mask of a psychopath soulmate

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The romantic words many women want to hear… will death do us part. These words seem to affirm a never-ending love story.

It was love at first sight, and soon you’ll be starting your life together; however, if your relationship moved into “soulmate mode” at warp speed, towards total commitment, you may want to keep reading.

Signs Your Soulmate is Wearing a Dangerous Mask

If you had realized that one of the warning signs for a potentially abusive relationship was the speed of the relationship, would that had stopped you?

Would it have prompted you to dig a little deeper into why this very attractive and charming man, committed to you so quickly?

It’s important to know the pattern of relationships that become insidious. And most don’t realize it, but the warning signs were there from the beginning.

Targeted by a Psychopath

Just like a criminal will case several targets before he decides on one, psychopaths are constantly hunting for their ‘perfect’ woman. But unlike a normal person, a predatory psychopath has quite a different set of criteria.

A psychopath or a sociopath isn’t looking for someone to share common interests with. This type of predatory person is looking for someone who will fulfill his need for power. He wants your only interest to be him.

The pace of the budding relationship moves quickly, because the predators’ fragile ego can’t function without securing someone he can control.

Such a person will cycle through relationship after relationship, courting, and discarding each until he narrows his focus on just one.

It may not seem logical, but the predator disguised as a “soul mate” in disguise targets very strong women. Subconsciously, a predator knows that a weak woman will not withstand his constant demands. At least not for long before she is crushed, and must be discarded.

Once a predator finds a woman that seems to meet his criteria, he’ll begin testing her boundaries.

He’ll test these traits:

  • Her level of compassion and empathy. No matter what he does, she will turn inwards, forgive him, and blame herself.
  • Total commitment and unwavering loyalty.
  • An ability to maintain hope, against all hope.
  • Perseverance and courageous ability to going, no matter what.
  • If a target passes these tests, then she is hit with a love bombing. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning.

    How The Psychopath Masks As a Soulmate

    For every woman who’s survived an abusive relationship, while each story is unique, the warning signs were not.

    A common thing you will hear is, “He understood me in a way no-one else ever had. I really thought he was my soulmate.”

    What they didn’t realize, is that during the sociopath’s dysfunctional childhood, he learned to wear many masks. His reality wasn’t safe, and could only be survived by mastering the arts of manipulation, concealment, and control.

    His early years were spent studying every interaction in minute detail, taking note of those that rewarded him. As a psychopath, he is very skilled at mimicking real human emotions, that he can even deceive psychologists, law enforcement, and even criminal profilers.

    By the time a psychopath, sociopath, or narcissist is old enough to begin dating, he has a highly developed ‘sixth sense’ for finding a victim.

    Once he has found one, he launches into an Academy Award Winning performance, playing the role of a soul mate.

    The Woman Of His Dreams is Simply a Source to Satisfy His Need For Control

    Prince Charming has a secret, and keeping up the dangerous mask is exhausting. He needs an emotionally invested woman and he needs her fast.

    So the speed and the intensity of the relationship picks up, along with the love bombing.
    The predator’s chosen prey is quickly swept off her feet.

    If she is tricked into a committed relationship, she will inevitably face the biggest shock of her life when he takes off the mask. She will be ashamed to let anyone know that her soul mate turned out to be a predator.

    Terrified of Leaving and Terrified of Staying

    “He was so charming, so sweet, so loving… if I just try harder and love him more, my soulmate will be restored.”

    As the victim continues to hope (where none exists), she is trapped by her own personality traits, which are the reasons he chose her.
    By this time, the victim’s self-esteem has been chipped away, her intuition scrambled, and her survival instinct disconnected. Moreover, her unique identity has been erased, and replaced with a new identity, HIS.

    Everything that he claimed “loved” about her, is now a threat to his power, and must be crushed. As she tries to figure out what he wants, the abuse continues to escalate despite attempting to comply with an ever-changing set of rules.

    Then just as she reaches her breaking point, glimpses of her Soulmate return. He momentarily dons the charming mask, mimicking emotions of love. The brief relief brings hope, and happiness returns.

    However, this simply pulls her deeper into a cycle of trauma bonding called Stockholm Syndrome. He has used isolation tactics; although she may have been free to visit and talk with her friends and family, she was isolated by hiding the truth. He has successfully ensured that her only moments of happiness are the relief from his psychological abuse.

    No His and Hers; Only His

    The fact that she has separate thoughts and opinions to his, and separate interests to his, threatens his need for control. In his twisted reality, there is no Mr & Mrs, there are only Mr and an extension of Mr. In his mind, “his woman” is in fact a part of him.

    Unfortunately, most victims of a false soulmate only realize they were in an abusive relationship after it ends. If you have suffered through a false soulmate relationship, please, don’t allow yourself to be fooled again. If you need help, a psychic reader skilled at reading people may be able to help.

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