The Ancient Art of Dream Divination Renewed

Every dream has a hidden message, a subconscious need that must be heard. Your dreams are an outlet for your creative inspiration, your fantasies, and an intimate tool to nurture your personal evolution.

Dreams are a subconscious mystery, urging us to better understand our life, and it’s purpose. When we are familiar with the hidden meaning of our dreams, we foster a deeper understanding of ourselves, which in turn, leads to a better life. Never underestimate the power of your dreams!

Western culture has lost touch with the importance of dreams, emphasizing waking, working life. We sleep one third of our lives, and we dream every night. Interpreting our dreams can be an important tool in the unfoldment of our Higher Consciousness, on our path of Enlightenment.

Your dreams and their interpretation and divination, are elements of the synchronicity and the mystical in your everyday life. Healing past trauma, finding lost objects, or solving the pressing problems in your life, are what you can achieve through the practice of dream interpretation and divination.

The symbols, colors, symbols, smells, tastes, details and scenery of your dreams hold a meaningful message, just for you. These meanings can be incorporated into your daily life.

In Native American cultures, dreams are shared with the entire community, and considered the utmost importance. Often, and individual’s dreams held signs and symbols that the tribe could use for healing the sick or wounded, predicting successful hunting trips, and even foretelling future events.

We are all unique and individual in our personalities and preferences, and we have dreams that are individualized to the symbols and experiences in our personal lives, as our own personalized dream library of meanings.

In ancient books we find dreams discussed in detail. An ancient Greek, Artemidorus, suggested that each person’s dreams were significant and unique, and that a person’s waking life experience affected the symbols in their dreams. Artemidorus wrote the mind of the dreamer has a capacity to use these everyday metaphors as messages, to improve their lives. Aristotle and Plato also wrote about dreams in a similar way. Our ability to dream, and interpret the symbolism of our subconscious, we can find deep insight, necessary information for the body, mind, and spirit.

How Do We Begin to Use the Wisdom of Our Dreams?

To start begin a Dream Journal. You can keep a small, digital voice recorder, or your cell phone, handy by your bedside, to record your dreams, then transcribe them later into a note book. If you haven’t had a dream journal before, make it a regular habit to record and/or write down your dreams as soon as you wake. You can start your dream journal, by writing all the dreams you can remember off the top of your head. This will begin to build your lexicon of personal dream symbolism. Look at the signs, symbols, characters and anything the stands out to you. What do they mean to you personally? What metaphors could they represent? How can you apply the understanding of those metaphors to your waking life? How do these symbols and metaphors reflect what is going on in your life right now?

If you’re having a hard time interpreting dream symbols on your own, ask your friends for feedback, or better yet, consult with a professional psychic. You can look up the meanings online, or get a dream dictionary so you can look symbols up. Also, I love to mention that there are Lucid Dream MP3s and Android apps that can help you have increased levels of lucidity during dreaming, this can be a real tool for those who wish to understand their dreams on a deeper level. The more dreams you remember, the more information you get.

Remember to use your Android app or MP3, start using your dream journal, your dream dictionary, and interpret your dreams for yourself. Share them with your friends, discuss them with your spiritual advisor, start a dream Facebook or meet-up group! You’ll be amazed at what you discover if you work with your dreams.