The 10 Traits of a Spiritual Elder

spiritual elder

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Is it your destiny to become a spiritual Elder?

In our modern world, it’s rare to find a true spiritual elder. We have been conditioned since birth to believe that power, fame, fortune, and success re the keys to happiness. However, some of us eventually realize that is a delusion. Truly, even the wealthiest and most revered people suffer from emptiness, drug abuse, depression, and meaninglessness lives.

However, on the other hand, there are the rare few who are awake; they realize that something in their life needs to change. They stop looking outside for happiness and look within. Yet despite that spiritual awakening, many are left wondering, “what comes next?” They may have a vague feeling that some sort of self-examination is necessary. But with so many spiritual paths available, which is the right one to take?

The Need for Soulwork

Whatever spiritual path you choose, you won’t get far without listening to your inner soul. Whatever you do, you must let your soul blossom and grow into maturity. Soulwork is the essence of every spiritual path and pursuit. Without it, life feels empty, meaningless and without direction. Without soul work, we remain immature, and never grow into our fullest potential. Only as we commit to engaging in soul work daily will we grow into a spiritual Elder.

The 10 Traits of a Spiritual Elder

While you may be born as an old soul, does that make you spiritually mature? Not necessarily.

Spiritual maturity is earned through effort and dedication. Unfortunately, only a rare few commit themselves to this effort. Thankfully, within each and every one of us lies this ability to develop wisdom. The ability to develop wisdom is not just for old men and women, it’s also within you right now no matter your age.

They aren’t interested in judging other people.

Spiritual Elders don’t judge other people for how unawakened or unspiritual they appear to be. They understand everything is as it should be in the grand scheme of things. Elders know that at one point they were just the same. Spiritual Elders realize that judging is more about the judge, than the one being judged.

They deeply respect the earth and all living things.

Spiritual Elders honor the earth, nature’s wisdom as well as every expression of Spirit. They know they don’t “own” the earth, but instead, are a participant in the grand parade of nature.

They understand the role of the ego.

Spiritual Elders hear the voice ego within themselves, and understand its role in creating suffering. Consequently, they let loose their attachment to the ego and foster their attachment to Spirit.

They are sensitive and empathetic without being reactionary.

Spiritual Elders are sensitive to the emotions, thoughts, and impulses within themselves, and others. However, Elders don’t allow their empathy or sensitivity to cause them suffering. They have learned to establish boundaries, s well as cultivating self-responsibility.

They are good teachers.

Elders naturally desire to share their wisdom. In fact, they are the living embodiment of their teachings. They don’t require an official position or a degree to share the lessons of their soul work.

They embody unconditional love.

Elders have unconditional love both for themselves and for others, despite the worst. To love completely is to attain the Divine.

They have few attachments.

Spiritual Elders know the importance of releasing the attachment to prestigious titles, beauty, wealth, relationships, and even health; all these things are passing. Instead, they cultivate their strength at the level of the Soul.

They know peace now.

Elders learned long ago that the pursuit of happiness ends up in an endless loop that perpetuates unhappiness. Consequently, they are aware that the only true peace and joy that can be found is in the present moment. Consequently, they foster a changeless sense of peace that remains in spite of inner or outer turmoil.

They are content alone or with others.

Spiritual Elders have traversed the solitary path of self-discovery, and have returned back to humanity with a deeper insight and understanding. They can continue the peacefulness and authenticity they have in solitude in the company of others.

They have found wholeness.

Finally, Spiritual Elders have discovered they are already whole and complete at a soul level. Likewise, they know the same applies to every human being, regardless of if they know it or not. Consequently, they no longer feel the need to pursue happiness in anything outside of themselves. Life is perfect, just the way it is.