Ten Things You Deserve in a Relationship

Ten Things You Deserve in a Relationship

We know that no one is perfect, and everyone has their faults, but there are some things everyone deserves in a happy and healthy relationship. It can be easy to sweep the warning signs and red flags under the rug, but that usually ends in disaster. Below is a list of “relationship must-haves” for you to determine if your partner has the makings of an amazing relationship.

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Someone who encourages you to do your own thing.

A partner who is completely fine when you want to do stuff on your own. He doesn’t get angry when you want to go out with friends, instead of a night watching TV with him, because he knows sometimes spending time apart can be good.

Someone who never laughs at you, but always with you.

You need a partner who tries to make you laugh, and when you make a mistake, never laughs at you, but cheers you up instead.

Someone who encourages you.

Your partner should be your #1 cheerleader through all the good times and bad times. You will always see your partner supporting you and giving you the extra boost you need in whatever you’re doing, no matter how crazy it might seem.

Someone who celebrates your flaws.

No one can be perfect every day. There are days when you just want to be in your sweats, without any makeup. The hallmark of the right partner is when you’re wearing old sweats, with your hair a mess, and he still thinks you’re the most beautiful woman in the world.

Someone who respects you.

Arethra Franklin had it right “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” is important, and you deserve it. Your true love will always treat you with respect, seeing you as an equal, and considering your feelings. When it comes to an argument, he doesn’t yell, throw insults and accusations, but chooses his words carefully, and argues like an adult.

Someone who uses a balance of truth and white lies.

Your partner will never lie about the big stuff, but when you ask him if he thinks you look fat, no matter what, the answer is always, “No honey, you look beautiful.”

Someone who is in tune with you sexually.

It’s not just about the sex, but sex with your partner is always pretty amazing, because he knows what turns you on. Your partner listens to your needs, even if that means going to sleep when you’re tired, even when he wants passionate sex.

Someone who makes you smile every day.

Even if you don’t have time to express your love every day, your partner still makes sure to do something to show he cares. Whether it’s a smile your way, a compliment, or a light touch, you know he truly cares about you.

Someone who trusts you completely and vice versa.

Your partner never accuses you, or questions your actions, because he totally trusts you. Constant unwarranted accusations of cheating and lying is a sign you are in the wrong relationship.

Someone who thinks they are the luckiest person in the world that they have you.

Your partner is proud when he says that you are his girlfriend. Being with you is something he is proud of, and he never tries to hide. He is the one who can’t believe his luck that he gets to be with someone as amazing and wonderful as you!