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16 Indications of a False Twin Flame

Special offer from Life Reader. First call, just 19 cents per minute. The twin flame relationship is one that we all hope to encounter during our lifetime. You may have many soulmates, but only one twin soul. A twin soul is the mirror image of your own soul, a complimentary better half, vibrating at the […]

The Past Life Source of Twin Flame and Soul Mate Relationships

To contact a live New Age Spirituality reader about your destiny, click here! Is It a Past Life Relationship? If you have experienced a relationship, which causes you to say to yourself, “I’ve never felt this way with anyone before”, this could be a sign of a past-life connection. But please consider, just because you […]

The Truth About Telepathy With Your Twin Flame

Oranum. Trusted Psychics. Real, Accurate Answers. Join Now. It is said that Twin Flames share a single spirit, that vibrates at a much higher frequency when they are together. This shared spiritual energy is what creates telepathy together, allowing them to intuitively feel the others energy, to know what they are thinking, dreaming and desiring. […]

Six Important Differences Between a Soulmate and a Life Partner

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Soul Mates and Twin Flames: What Makes Them So Special?

Get a Free Psychic Reading Now, with Oranum. Take our Twin Flame and Soulmate Test here. People tend to use the term “soul mate” loosely, generalizing its meaning to describe someone who they feel connected to or deeply in love with. All of those can describe a soul mate relationship; however, not everyone we have […]

What is a Soulmate?

What is in store for your future? Here is 3 free minutes with a gifted psychic! The Soulmate test. You know the one – sparks instantly fly, it’s love (or lust) at first sight, and even though there’s lots of drama, trauma, betrayal, addictions and obsessions of all stripes and colors, you know you are […]