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What is the paranormal?

3 free minutes and 50% off your first psychic reading with KEEN. The meaning of the word paranormal is ‘beyond the normal’; it is an unusual phenomenon for which there is no scientific explanation. It’s a decent enough definition but it soon falls short when you look closely at the phenomenon itself. It is often […]

How a Psychic Can Help You Find Lost Objects

Get a 5 minute reading with a KEEN psychic for only $5! While it’s possible for a psychic to find your lost objects, or even lost people, there are not any guarantees. That’s because not everything that’s lost wants to be found. Sometimes, there’s a lesson for you to learn from the loss. As an […]

Four Ways a Psychic Can Help Your Relationship

Love life in a funk? Exclusive Offer: Get a 10 minute reading for only $1.99! Love and relationship readings are the number one reason people, mostly women, seek out psychic advice. That’s for a good reason; they want to know if their romantic relationship is worthwhile. They also want to know if he is “the […]

How Does a Love Psychic Work?

Love life in a funk? Exclusive Offer: Get a 10 minute reading for only $1.99! Love is perhaps the most complex and intense emotion we will experience in our lifetime. While love can bless us with intense joy, it can also lead to heartbreak. How do we really know what we’ve found is the person […]

Are Autistic Individuals Psychic and Telepathic?

3 Free minutes and 50% off with a top tarot reader. Research now suggests that a number of children who’ve been diagnosed on the autism spectrum actually may have psychic and telepathic abilities. However, these autistic kids may not always be able to show these abilities outwardly. Moreover, what’s really occurring inside their minds may […]

The Truth About Telepathy With Your Twin Flame

Get 3 free minutes and 50% off for a psychic soulmate reading. It is said that Twin Flames share a single spirit, that vibrates at a much higher frequency when they are together. This shared spiritual energy is what creates telepathy together, allowing them to intuitively feel the others energy, to know what they are […]

Ten Things People are Unaware of Because You’re An Intuitive

Get 3 free minutes with an intuitive psychic reader! What exactly is it that these types of people do that makes them intuitive? The MBTI inventory classifies intuitives as people who place a deeper interest and more value in theories and abstracts, and enjoy exploring possibilities, rather than just believing in the 3D reality around […]

Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences

Free Minutes: Astrology Readings Do you wish you could afford a vacation to Hawaii every week? Do you dream of total freedom? Or do you just need a break from everyday life? You might want to learn astral projection, as a way to take a dream journey anywhere, anytime. What is Astral Projection? Astral projection […]