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Stop Energy Vampires in Three Easy Steps

Are there people in your life, who always drain your energy? That leave you feeling sad or anxious? These people are energy vampires, and you do not need to be their victim! How to Identify an Energy Vampire Life is flowing with energy, between people, animals, and even things. Unfortunately, we sometimes are confronted with […]

A free Wicca Magic Spell to protect yourself or your home from negative influences

Click here for the Magick Spell Book [bc_random_banner category=text slider=no autoplay=true delay=3000 loop=false dots=false] Everything you need is conveniently linked to eBay below. Egyptian black cat candle 2 protection candles Frankincense & Myrrh incense shiva lingam stone lemon oil protection spell bath salts myrrh oil frankincense oil dandelion leaf rose hips fennel seed sandlewood chips […]