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CIA Psychic Ability Experiments

Exclusive Offer: Get 10 Minutes for $1.99! From 1978 to 1995, the CIA operated a top-secret program code-named Stargate. The goal of this lofty endeavor was the creation of “psychic warriors”; an army possessed of superhuman abilities. These psychic soldiers would use their abilities to not only spy on enemy bases, but also gaze into […]

Are Autistic Individuals Psychic and Telepathic?

3 Free minutes and 50% off with a top tarot reader. Research now suggests that a number of children who’ve been diagnosed on the autism spectrum actually may have psychic and telepathic abilities. However, these autistic kids may not always be able to show these abilities outwardly. Moreover, what’s really occurring inside their minds may […]

Ten Things People are Unaware of Because You’re An Intuitive

Get 3 free minutes with an intuitive psychic reader! What exactly is it that these types of people do that makes them intuitive? The MBTI inventory classifies intuitives as people who place a deeper interest and more value in theories and abstracts, and enjoy exploring possibilities, rather than just believing in the 3D reality around […]

Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences

Free Minutes: Astrology Readings Do you wish you could afford a vacation to Hawaii every week? Do you dream of total freedom? Or do you just need a break from everyday life? You might want to learn astral projection, as a way to take a dream journey anywhere, anytime. What is Astral Projection? Astral projection […]