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Using Crystals to Manifest Your Desires

The secret power of manifesting with crystals is the ability of crystals to store and transmit energy. The energy of a crystal can help you focus your intention, and this in turn, can aid you in manifesting your desires. A crystal can also amplify the emotional and spiritual energy of your desire, helping to align […]

Find a New Job, with this free Wiccan Magick Spell!

Click here for the Magick Spell Book Everything you need for this is conveniently linked for purchase on eBay. green prosperity candle cinnamon oil sea salt clear quartz point heal all herb galagal root devil’s shoestring herb patchouli leaf sage sage smudge green charm bag paper & pen The night before the Full Moon, store […]

Free Money Spell, for Abundance!

Click here for the Magick Spell Book Everything you need is conveniently linked below to Amazon! 7 knob green candle green quartz point massager green charm bag heal all herb sage & sweetgrass smudge cinnamon oil dried jasmine flowers prosperity bath salts sea salt patchouli leaf dollar bill & coins wood box Seven days before […]

Money Tree Free Prosperity Spell!

Click here for the Magick Spell Book You can get everything you need for this on Amazon! Everything is linked. 2 prosperity spell votive candles a miniture orange or kumquat tree if you don’t feel confident growing a tree, try an aloe vera plant plant food prosperity spell cone incense prosperity spell oil spring water […]