“Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see it.”
Carl Jung

Synchronicity is your Higher Self sending you a message, but often, because of our ego, we don’t notice the message. But when you begin to expand your consciousness, you will recognize these messages. Synchronicity is our link to the unknown realms and weaves us into its fabric.

Synchronicity happens to everyone, and your Higher Self will often bring it to you in pieces. It is up to you to put the messages to work and act on them. Recognizing this will open up communication with your subconscious and your Higher Self.

When you get good at recognizing synchronicity, it will be like having a psychic GPS unit, to lead you in the right direction. Your Higher Self is sending you the signs, showing you the best direction to go, to achieve your goals. If you follow it, you will get to where you want quickly and easily. If you don’t follow the signs, the road can become rocky, and longer, or, you could end up at a dead end. Let your intuition lead you, recognize the signs, and fearlessly follow them.

How Synchronicity Finds You

Synchronicity can be delivered to you in several ways. Your Higher Self can use everything; random snippets from the radio or TV, a random comment from a stranger, or a random email with a compelling message, a sign by the side of the road, or a symbolic animal crossing your path. Nature will speak to you. If you don’t get the message the first time, it will try another way.

Be aware of everything going on around you. What are you seeing constantly? What patterns are around you? You can look up what signs, symbols, and numbers mean by researching on the internet, or with books. If you notice something that seems like synchronicity, consider what you were pondering at that moment. Everything has a deep meaning if you are aware of it.

When something jumps out to you, take note, and recall what you were thinking at the moment. Once you understand the meanings behind the incidents of synchronicity, it will become second nature to you, and you can use it to align with your Higher Self.

Quieting the ego is the key to recognizing synchronicity, and listening to your Higher Self. We create our destiny, and it is unfolding right before you. Synchronicity is helping you towards that destiny.