Suit of Swords

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Ace of Swords
The Ace of Swords is a card of mental clarity, it characterizes you as single minded and focused. This intense, concentrated attention cuts through confusion, you know exactly what is what, who is who, and how it all relates to your goals. Give up any trivial or superficial concerns, at least for now; you are fixed on your prime directive, the one thing that matters most. When you are this clear about your goals, and you can not be distracted. You are empowered to a high degree.

Two of Swords
The Two of Swords shows you as indecisive, without a clue on how to proceed. Your reason is in opposition to your heart. When you are feeling this much conflict, stop, sit down, and sort through the facts and feelings you have at hand. Although this is an agonizing decision, wisdom advises you to follow your heart. Don’t judge the situation in black and white terms. Listen to all sides, within and without, and let the intuition of your heart decide the truth. Do not react prematurely. This confusing period is sowing the seeds for something new.

Three of Swords
Confusion and poor communication are pushing a relationship to the verge of collapse. Heartbreak is the usual association of the Three of Swords. You feel torn apart. This card is not strictly associated with romance; the relationship in question could be any close bond. Ask yourself, did you bring into this relationship any dysfunctional patterns of behavior? Are you reacting to the person before you, or to someone who hurt you in the past? It’s not all your fault; this could simply be a mismatch, an unworkable relationship.

Four of Swords
The Four of Swords urges you to seek out the places special to you, and take time out, let go of your current hectic pace, so you can perceive the larger picture of your life. You belong to a lineage of souls with a special purpose. Stillness is required to draw up the wisdom you’ve brought with you through out the ages. Contemplate the beauty and truth you have carried from the past, fix it in your heart to keep it safe for the future. Doing this will further your desires and heal your soul far more than any outer glory or acclaim.

Five of Swords
The Five of Swords shows you to be in a state of conflict and imbalance. You are experiencing an uneven split between your left brain and your right brain, your reason and your creativity. You are likely to be arguing with yourself in your head- blaming, shaming, you never feel good enough. It seems as if the cards are stacked against you, and you are undermining your own self confidence and esteem. It’s easy to feel negative at times like this, but like anything else, it won’t last forever.

Six of Swords
The Six of Swords proves that you can successfully use a combination of intuition and real life skills to steer yourself through murky waters. You have cultivated a grasp of the Universal Laws, and know how to use them. You can instinctively sense the currents, tides and trends, and like a ferryman, you can use these seemingly erratic and unpredictable forces to your advantage. This ability will keep you on course to accomplish your goals.

Seven of Swords
The Seven of Swords perceives that through your own will and self discipline, you have sharpened your powers of observation and perception, you have trained yourself to perceive the open opportunity or advantage in any situation. You have adapted yourself to the habits of a winner. You were not born with these gifts; you have disciplined yourself to see the opportunities others miss. You look beyond obstacles and delays as if they don’t exist.

Eight of Swords
The Eight of Swords indicates that you may be under intense scrutiny. It’s your turn to be tried. Don’t take it personally. Your ideas are dissected, your attitudes are being questioned, you may need to justify every detail of your approach. Take this as a learning experience; can your ideals withstand scrutiny? Sharpen your thinking, carry your Sword of Truth, use tact and diplomacy, and you will ultimately come out a winner.

Nine of Swords
Honor your feelings, take the time to heal. The Nine of Swords shows someone tormented by the loneliness of abandonment, and perhaps the horror felt at the loss of a position, fearful of the future, and overcome with helplessness. You may have lost financially, but money isn’t everything in life. You can recover from this setback, and the first step is to overcome your sense of pessimism. Take the time you need to sort through and examine your feelings, and you will wake up to brighter future.

Ten of Swords
You are backed into a corner, and might as well admit it. The Ten of Swords reveals a sense of grim resignation. You have reached a point where you need to give up, nothing you can do will work. Circumstances are out of your control, and no one expects you to have the power to change anything. You’ve been flattened, but you are also free. Lay here for a while; you have surrendered to the inevitable, and the shock is still sinking in. You’ll be on your feet again in no time, ready for a new fight.

Page of Swords
The Page of Swords urges you to examine your motives, and ask yourself why you are drawn so deeply into the situation at hand. You have been listening in, gathering facts, watching the trends, and trying to divine your next move. The Page of Swords is often portrayed as a spy, but he can also be perceived as a messenger. Will you transmit the information you hold truthfully, or will you color it to your advantage? What is your motive to play this game for keeps? Step back, and get some perspective. It’s not how you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.

Knight of Swords
The Knight of Swords is ever ready to battle to the death for a principle. A sense of righteous indignation could be motivating you to sharpen your sword and charge ahead, no matter what the cost. Hopefully, your cause is noble enough to be worth the damage you’re likely to do. Be sure you are ready for the fall out before you charge into the fray. If your cause is just, so be it, but if you are just looking for a fight, you had better think twice before proceeding.

Queen of Swords
The Queen of Swords has learned through hard experience to keep her own counsel, to be her own best friend. She doesn’t need to be rescued. It’s time for you to do the same- define yourself, and set your boundaries. Do not be dependant, and don’t let others be dependant on you. Be your own person, and move through the world on your own terms. Unfetter yourself from the expectations of those around you, and of society in general. Celebrate your individuality and independence, the world will respect you for it.

King of Swords
The King of Swords is an icon of justice and fair treatment. He is a mediator, and a wise judge. Analytical and impartial, the King of Swords patiently listens, and probes deeply with well thought out questions. In the current drama, you are being looked upon as the mediator, the impartial authority, and your opinion will be respected. Channel the King of Swords into the current situation, and he will serve you well.

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