Suit of Pentacles

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Ace of Pentacles
What we achieve is a mirror image of our personality and strength, and you are becoming progressively more aware of the part you play in the world, and it’s intrinsic value. The Ace of Pentacles is the underpinning of your increasing value; it symbolizes the Law of Attraction. You are in the process of becoming “magnetized”; you will begin attracting more and more, until you have more abundance than you ever dream of. You are discovering that your soul, your awareness, and your contribution to the world is the path to fulfillment, both spiritual and physical.

Two of Pentacles
Keep your balance, and proceed with patience- things will eventually fall into place. The Two of Pentacles reveals you making a perplexing decision- there appears to be little difference between the alternatives, and you feel you might as well flip a coin, for all the difference it will make. Leave it for now, be patient, give it some time, and the truth will eventually reveal itself. It’s easy under these conditions to feel as if you need to hurry up and decide, and to risk acting prematurely. But things are not as critical as they feel, and there is no need to rush to a decision. Let things sort themselves out.

Three of Pentacles
The Three of Coins represents sharing your vision and creativity in a group effort. Take the lead within the group, and your combined efforts will bring outstanding results. This is a card of artistry, genius and progress; you have the talent and skill to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Four of Pentacles
The Four of Pentacles reveals you have been graced with some sort of inherent assets- this gift may be money in the bank, or some other form of physical support, which gives you a comparatively sound basis on which to work. You may or may not appreciate this. You also may or may not realize you must give in order to receive. This card can indicate a tendency to misunderstand the workings of the material plane, resulting in a ‘poverty consciousness’.

Five of Pentacles
They limp along, in poverty and sorrow, finding no comfort within the temple of the spirit. Lift your head, and pay attention to detail- spiritual, financial, emotional and physical- for without due care, something valuable might be lost. Consider the value of ‘joining forces’, both with individuals, and within a group. There is a strength and security in numbers which could benefit you right now.

Six of Pentacles
Your motivation is admirable, but no matter how much you give, it is important to guide the recipients of your generosity towards the road to self sufficiency. The Six of Pentacles shows that generosity advances your social standing as much as it helps to uplift those less fortunate. But an act of ongoing charity can create a sense of obligation on your part, and a sense of dependency on the part of those receiving. Along with fostering a sense of independence and self sufficiency in those you help, also keep tabs on your own motives; are you truly helping out of charity and the goodness of your heart, or are you unconsciously creating a sense of obligation in others that keep them beholding to you? Right action creates healthy and functional relationships, erroneous actions create unhealthy and dysfunctional relationships. You hold the purse strings, and it’s up to you to use your power wisely.

Seven of Pentacles
The Seven of Pentacles shows your work towards becoming a self made person is finally bearing fruit. You have steadily applied your energy year after year, season after season, never giving up, and your efforts are finally blossoming into a fruitful harvest! Others are only now taking notice, but you know this is nothing new. You had to nurture the seed, let it take root, and tend your ambitions carefully until they were mature enough to stand alone. You have the clout to ask your price for what you produce.

Eight of Pentacles
The Eight of Pentacles reveals a genius for craftwork, design, or even science. You have the expertise needed to unite usefulness with beauty; acknowledge your talent, and give yourself credit! When someone is this good, his or her acclaim can spread, and before you know it, your work will bring you into the most prestigious venues. Don’t sell yourself short; it’s important for you to acknowledge your own worth, and to ask for the appropriate respect and compensation.

Nine of Pentacles
The Nine of Pentacles expresses freedom from the struggle to survive, and it’s anxiety and doubt. With the needs of basic survival abundantly provided for, this individual exercises her freedom to be herself, to pursue her interests and fulfill her talents. You are creating a new life from a place of support and comfort. You inexplicably find yourself midstream in a flow of abundance, and your only concern now should be, how to make the most of this fantastic and fortuitous situation!

Ten of Pentacles
The Ten of Pentacles reveals you as the heir to a tradition that places you in a position of importance. This situation blesses you with a sense of permanence and safety, but it also places you in a position of responsibility. You have been given much in terms of money, intelligence and opportunity, but maturity and moderation are qualities you must obtain yourself. Living up to this often feels like a burden you’d rather leave behind, but it’s your destiny to fulfill this role for the sake of both your own development, and for those around you.

Page of Pentacles
The Page of Pentacles can be characterized as a person who is remolding their own character to fit with the profession they wish to pursue. This is a matter of a future, a lifestyle and an identity, not just a job. While working hard to learn the medium of her trade, this page is also contemplating her place in the world in relation to her work. In this way, she is imbuing herself with value, and insuring a respected place for herself in the marketplace.

Knight of Pentacles
The Knight of Pentacles characterizes you as responsible, patient, and practical. You understand that with the proper attention and good timing, your investments will flourish, like a field well planted and ripe for harvest. This bounty is not only for your benefit; you plant the seeds of abundance for everyone around you. A knight is a warrior, standing guard against predators and plunderers, allowing that which is under his guardianship the room and time to grow. You are an appreciated and vital asset to those around you, setting a solid and stalwart example of how protected investments will stand to serve in times of famine.

Queen of Pentacles
The Queen of Pentacles reveals you’ve learned to trust the wisdom of your body, you’ve come to realize that it filters the energies of the events and people around you- you instinctively have come to know that the signs and signals your body sends you are the root of your intuition. You know how to ‘open’ yourself to the question at hand, and interpret the feedback your body and mind sends you. You are grounded in the physical world, your gut feelings can be trusted. Others may seek you out for advise, trusting your practical nature to give them down to Earth answers to their every day problems. You have successfully integrated your animal instincts into your human nature!

King of Pentacles
The King of Pentacles has conquered the issues of mere survival. His physical and emotional needs are met, he is liberated to pursue big dreams, without the pressure of a bottom line. The King of Pentacles understands ‘the system’, and can easily utilize it to his own ends, freeing him to live as he wishes, with the time to pursue humanitarian and global issues. He has the freedom to make a difference, and he does. The bottom line has no hold on him; he operates above it.

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