Suit of Cups

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Ace of Cups
A fountain of nurturing love wells up in your heart. The Ace of Cups showers you with abundance, comfort, security and love. The source may be God, or a Higher Self, or it may flow forth from those around you. It’s an enduring source of support and optimism. The world appears good, beautiful, and abundant.

Two of Cups
The Two of Cups is all about Love- not necessarily a love affair, it could be a strong platonic connection, or it could even be love of an ideal. It can also represent a reuniting of your own internalized feminine and masculine identities. You are aware and emotionally sensitive, you are opening up at a deep level. Idealism, faith and trust, empathy and compassion, your emotional and spiritual being is blossoming like spring. Enjoy this astonishing feeling!

Three of Cups
Rejoice! You are surrounded by people who love and support you. The Three of Cups says you have balanced and harmonized your inner life with your outer life. The truth that you are loved and supported by your immediate circle of friends and family gives you a basis of creative stability, and the energetic flow between you and others creates a rich inner and outer life.

Four of Cups
Discontentment and dullness has closed your eyes. Curiosity and interest can awaken your sight to new potentials. Your will has dissolved, your desire is dormant, and your mind is distracted from its true direction. A hazy sense of disappointment and melancholy may be stifling your sense of self, a comfortable blanket of emptiness and detachment. Open your eyes, and see the magic of your everyday life- light your inner fire, it is only through action and movement that this stagnation will end. There may be lessons to be learned from this suspended state of animation, but dwelling on it can be worse than a waste of time.

Five of Cups
The Five of Cups indicates you are questioning the mixed messages about relationships you’ve received in the past, an emotional rollercoaster you are liable to repeat. Early uncertainty about whether you were loved, or even wanted, taints how you react to and interpret relationships. Families create an emotional environment that will ultimately mold the personality of a child. You may be reliving the painful past in your present relationships. Don’t wallow in self pity, pick yourself up, and try again, using what you’ve learned along the way. Old patterns can be broken.

Six of Cups
Fond memories are comforting, but your reward lies ahead. The Six of Cups symbolizes nostalgia. When you look at the past, you feel warm, open, and sentimental about the good old days. But looking to the future, you feel your resolve must solidify, you must take charge, get things done or lose. The present is full of fresh possibilities, while the past is only a memory. Nostalgia and sentimentality are fine, they can bring a smile to your soul, but only if you come back with renewed energy for the future. Your years of experience and wisdom have opened new horizons as yet unseen; keep walking your path!
Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups
reveals many choices; you are free to decide any way you like. Each choice has its charm and advantage, but search out the truth- which choice will inspire you, stir your soul, help you to evolve? The subtle message is to discern what harmonizes with your dreams, what echoes to the beat of your heart, which choice sings the song of your soul?

Eight of Cups
The Eight of Cups reveals that you may feel vulnerable and exposed. Something private and sensitive has been uncovered, and it’s up to you to decide whether you have been victimized, or whether this experience has uncovered an aspect of yourself that was ready to see the light of day. It may be time to let go of your vulnerability, and take the high road to maturity and growth. Don’t wallow in self pity- it’s not easy, but you must pick yourself up, deal with the experience, and walk out of it stronger and wiser.

Nine of Cups
The Nine of Cups finally places you where you had hoped to be. You can rejoice in the fulfillment of spiritual and emotional rewards, you can also look forward to a respite from anxiety, worry and fear. This card also reveals a sense of absolution. You finally feel welcomed into a plentiful and opportune world. It was worth everything you had to go through, your heart is full of gratitude and joy!

Ten of Cups
The Ten of Cups heralds harmony; with yourself, and with those around you. Life is one big happy family, a major goal has been realized, and you are satisfied on many levels. Fuse this feeling to yourself, and keep it conscious. Circumstances will eventually change, and this state of being is an optimal reference point for mental, physical and spiritual health.

Page of Cups
Your imagination is your faithful guide to the depths of the inner realms, it will lead you to the transforming waters of the higher realms of Spirit. The Page of Cups blithely follows her imagination deep into the very nature of her heart and soul. A dreamy eyed seeker, the Page of Cups naturally assumes everyone else is equally transparent in their motives, that everyone else is also seeking to fulfill their Spirit above all else. This Page has an innocent and trusting nature, and usually doesn’t look too deeply past her first impression. Look out for your own best interest, don’t allow false prophets, greedy gurus or ordinary con men to betray your trust.

Knight of Cups
The Knight of Cups is on the verge of homecoming; you’ve wandered far and wide down a long dusty road, struggled with the elements, defended yourself against hostile forces. You’ve had to face your own false assumptions and delusions during the course of this Odyssey, and you arrive home with a more mature attitude, a renewed appreciation for what you once considered trivial and mundane. It’s the journey in life that’s important.

Queen of Cups
The Queen of Cups is an angel of love and kindness, accepting and nurturing, she is motivated by her deep concern for the well being of others. Love dissolves boundaries, but be aware of your limits- allowing others to take advantage of your good nature, sap your strength, or become codependent will leave you feeling empty. Learn to ground your natural capacity to care and help in a concern for your own well being. Your qualities of openness and empathy are needed to heal this world, but you must learn to live and love for another day. This planet is lucky to have people such as you!

King of Cups
The King of Cups brings emotional order and stability; he is the essence of the kind and loving father, his supportive and amiable presence can make others feel safe enough to express themselves with confidence and optimism. This is a powerful archetype you carry within you, depend on it to protect and guide you emotionally.

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