Stop Energy Vampires in Three Easy Steps

energy vampire

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Are there people in your life, who always drain your energy? That leave you feeling sad or anxious? These people are energy vampires, and you do not need to be their victim!

How to Identify an Energy Vampire

Life is flowing with energy, between people, animals, and even things. Unfortunately, we sometimes are confronted with people who “take” our energy, leaving us drained. These energy vampires can be found in all walks of life. It is vital to learn how to identify these people, and learn to protect yourself.

Whether at your job or home life, it can be avoiding “energy” vampires can be difficult. They are everywhere, and gain their existence by feeding off the energy of other people. Some of the symptoms of an energy vampire encounter, include feeling exhausted or drained, after dealing with someone. Afterwards, you can have negative feeling towards that person. Finally, you may feel an uneasiness or get a “creepy” feeling when around them.

It is very important to pay attention to these signs, and immediately break their energy drain. Below are three techniques that can cut the energy drain short.

Identify the Situation

This means paying attention to your gut feeling and instincts about the other person. We instinctively know when others are not as they appear. Energy vampires don’t have distinguishing physical features, but do have distinctive behaviors. They also have a distinctive “feel”. They are people that need to “live” through others. They are unhappy and dissatisfied with themselves, and the quality of their won lives. Consequently, they prey upon others, due to their feelings of envy.

An energy vampire could be a parent, friend, spouse, or stranger. Most of the time, an energy vampire is motivated by an unconscious desire to “survive.” On the other hand, there are those who are deliberately calculating, and intentionally feed off the energy of others.

Protecting One’s Self

Having recognized the situation, the next step is to change the situation. The change starts within yourself. Sometimes, it’s as simple as telling someone not to touch you. It’s OK to take care of yourself, and limit being touched by other people.

Even more important, do not allow yourself to be drawn into anyone else’s drama. You may have to listen, but you do not need to expend any emotional energy on anyone else’s drama. You can simply smile blankly, and nod your head, with no emotion behind it. The energy vampire will not get what they want, and in the future, may not bother you.

Also, some find it helps to wear a protection stone. Crystals and gemtones can help dissipate the negative energy of the other person. Protection stones can also boost your own energy, protecting you from outside influence.

Self healing practices can also help relieve the effects, by changing your focus. Some possible practices are meditation, Reiki, or yoga. Consequently, when we change the focus of our thoughts, and this will change the direction of our energy flow.

If none of this works, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a qualified energy healer.

The Final Step

The last piece of the puzzle is to learn from this interaction, apply this lesson, and change yourself. The biggest step is to emotionally “disconnect your buttons”. Energy vampires seek to “push your buttons” to evoke an emotional reaction. If you don’t have any buttons, you can disconnect from the energy vampire quickly, easily, and even permanently.

Life is the flow of energy, through our life’s situations. This flow of life energy runs smoothly, when we can emotionally disconnect ourselves from our own past fears and failures. Anxiety, sadness, fear and confusion are common emotions that you will feel in the presence of an energy vampire. They feed upon these emotions, so we must disconnect from these emotions.