Soul Mates and Twin Flames: What Makes Them So Special?


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People tend to use the term “soul mate” loosely; it’s generalized meaning describes someone who they feel connected to or deeply in love with. All of those can describe a soul mate relationship; however, not everyone we have these feelings for is a soul mate. In the same regard, we do not fall in love, or even feel very identified with every soul mate. Sometimes a soulmate from another lifetime can come to this life as a family member, or close friend, and not as a romantic partner.

Let’s go to the subject of the potential romantic partner who maybe your soul mate. First of all, how can we distinguish a soul mate from an average romance? And even more importantly, what is the difference between a soul mate and a twin flame?

Let’s start with the rarest find, which is a twin flame. As the name indicates, a twin flame is very unique; there is ONLY ONE twin flame for each and every one of us. There is only ONE other half of us, a division of our original cosmic cell. This was separated from us right after we were created. This other half doesn’t always meet us in every lifetime. In fact, even when they do, they may not come as a romantic partner, or someone we’ll fall in love with.

It’s a very rare occasion when we meet our twin soul; that twin soul is sent to us as someone we’ll feel attracted to romantically, someone destined to fulfill our deepest feelings of love and attraction. When that happens, we call it a twin flame. It is the reincarnation of our other half in this lifetime; it takes the shape of a romantic interest we can’t help falling in love with, and love till death do us apart. Whether we will give in to that intense and often passionate love, or let our own fears or egos get in the way; that is another story.

Soul mates are also special people, people we have met in other lifetimes, and that we have soul contracts with. Some of these contracts may require a romantic involvement; others might need a different type of relationships, such as brothers and sisters, for example. The difference between twin flames and soul mates is, there can be more than one soul mate in a lifetime. And even though it’s a gift not to be taken for granted, encountering a soulmate as a romantic partner happens in most of our lifetimes. However, a twin flame is very rare, such a unique and irreplaceable circumstance, it would be a tragedy if it were to go unnoticed.

How do we recognize a soul mate or a twin flame?

The intensity of passion is one very real and unique feeling when we are with our twin flame. With soul mates, we will also feel a particularly deep connection. At times, it even seems we communicate with them telepathically! They read our minds, and we seem to be able to read theirs, or even anticipate their actions. Generally, we can tell when we are with a soulmate; there is something very definite, a very high compatibility between us. Sometimes it could be sexual, a very strong chemistry, that we’ve never felt with anyone else. Other times, it could be an intellectual compatibility, or sharing similar passions and hobbies. Other times, it’s a sense of connection and compatibility even when we are dissimilar.

Another way to recognize a soul mate relationship is the fact that soul mate relationships (and twin flames especially) come with a challenge; a necessary lesson to learn or to overcome in this lifetime, that requires the motivation of a special relationship. After all, we have been unknowingly waiting for lifetimes, to reunite with our twin flame; lifetimes of missing and yearning for such a perfect union, spiritually and physically, with the blueprint of our twin souls.

However, there is no guarantee of the success of our relationship; we need to decide if we want to embrace the challenge or not. Likewise, we need to decide if we want to choose love or fear, love or ego, satisfaction or self-punishment. Yet in spite of our choices, our hearts will continue to bring us back to our twin flame. Whether we are conscious of it or not, such a relationship unrealized, such a love unfulfilled, is not something our souls will ignore. That is another way to recognize a twin flame, if when they appear, and we try to ignore the challenge, we cannot easily move on. Then it is up to us to live in love or in fear, in sadness or in joy.