Six Important Differences Between a Soulmate and a Life Partner

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We’ve all seen it in the movies; finding the perfect soulmate, the ONE who can connect with you, and understand you, on a level deeper than anyone else could ever hope to achieve.

A life partner is a good friend and companion; trustworthy and dependable, someone you can count on for support when life gets tough. You can deeply love and care for each other, and hold each other in the highest respect. This is a relationship built on mutual trust and friendship.

But some people yearn for a deeper level of intimacy, that comes from finding a soul mate. A soul mate is not only aligned with your wants and needs but also, aligned with your soul. You were destined to find one another and to challenge and awaken one another’s higher self. It’s also important to know that a soul mate is not necessarily always a romantic partner. They can also be a platonic friend or a family member.

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Here are 6 ways to tell if you have found your soul mate, or a life partner.


Life Partner: You choose your life partner. They are someone that you actively sought out, to develop a connection within your life.

Soul Mate: A soul mate is sent to you, someone you were destined to meet. It is not a decision that you made for yourself.


Life Partner: A life partner can often from a different background from you. This creates a curiosity, a need to understand life from each other’s point of view. You feel comfortable with a life partner early in the relationship. However, you actually need to build your connection, grow it with time.

Soul Mate: When you meet a soul mate, it feels like this isn’t the first time; you both feel you’ve been connected long before the first meeting as if you’ve known each other your whole lives. You understand each other as if you have lived similar lives, mirroring each other in many ways.


Life Partner: This is a person who enters your life after you’ve already developed a sense of self-love. They act more as a friend and companion.

Soul Mate: They connect with you on a deep level, connecting with your consciousness and soul. A soul mate will help you grow and transform into a new, higher self. This can be exhausting and exciting!


Life Partner: The attraction between life partners will initially be a physical attraction. In time, you will learn and understand each other on an intellectual level. However, this will not reach the level of soul connection that you will have with a soul mate.

Soul Mate: The connection you feel with a soul mate is a deep attraction to one another’s being. You understand and feel each other’s thoughts and desires, and share many of the same thoughts and emotions.


Life Partner: This is a person who is in your life for the long term, encouraging and supporting you through every life challenge.

Soul Mate: They are sent to you for a shorter period of time. They appear in order to teach your lessons, and inspire a specific goal, or assist you in igniting your inner potential.


Life Partner: A life partner comes into your life when your life is in order, and you are looking for someone in the present moment. You want someone comforting, and an easy relationship, rather than the highly emotional experience that can come with a soul mate.

Soul Mate: To achieve their purpose in your life, a soul mate will come when you need to evolve or find some type of closure. This can be a point in your life that is in some sort of turmoil or discontent, or your spirit is evolving out of a period of unrest.