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Wejee’s Learn Tarot Super Package, with 5 Master Tarot ebooks, 6 printable Tarot Decks, and more…..

Take a step towards freedom…. stop dreaming and start learning tarot!

I just downloaded your Tarot Package. I was a little skeptical at first but I
figured the site I got the link from was very good so there must be some value here.
I unzipped the package and checked out the PDF files that gave quick instructions.
They were very informative. Then I opened the printable decks. I am thrilled. I
especially like the deck you made yourself. The deck alone was worth the price of
the package. Thank you. I wanted a deck to help me teach my daughter and this is it!
I am very happy. I have’t looked at the other items included in the package but they
are extra bonuses as far as I am concerned.

Great job!

Beth C.

Do you need answers in your life? Do you need a guiding Light, someone, or something to give you the answers you and your friends and family need? Without spending $50-$100 an hour? In fact,
would you like to someday make $50-$100 an hour yourself?
With a knowledge of Tarot, you can do it all, and learning the Tarot is easier than you think!

* Learning the Tarot will accelerate the changes you wish to make in your life on all levels; spiritually, financially and in your relationships.

*Gain insight into the hidden motives of others in your life- if you need to know what is really going on behind the scenes, reading the tarot cards will finally reveal the truth!

* Reading Tarot is a valuable skill that can earn you a substantial “work at home” income. Learning Tarot will not only benefit you, it can also benefit others!

*But best of all, you can use the tarot to evaluate, ignite and improve yourself. If you are in need of a best friend that will always be there for you, anytime of the day or night, ready with illuminating insights, that can help you develop,understand and transform yourself, learning the tarot is the boost that will transform your life!

*This is the ONLY learn tarot package with FIVE printable decks and FIVE full length Master tarot books! Wejee’s gives you much more…. all for LESS than the price of a tarot deck!

“Everything in your very useful Learn Tarot Package is clear and bright…. just like my future!” Jennifer T.

“I had a ‘funny feeling’, but when I confronted my boyfriend, he acted like I was crazy- but the tarot cards so very clearly showed another woman! Finding out wasn’t easy, but it helped me to see the truth.”

Rhonda S.

I have tried a tarot experiment I would like to share; I use my tarot cards and the interpretations from the tarot lessons to see about the guys my online dating service sends me! I think it really helps me to see through the e-mail persona to the real person.” Lynn P.

A friend invited me to her company pic-nic, and I didn’t want to go. But it was important to her, so I threw out some tarot cards to see about it. It very clearly showed me as the Queen of Cups, a stranger as the King of Cups, and the Two of Cups (relationships) in the environment. Well, that was curious, so I went, and guess what?
I met the nicest, most warm hearted, fun to be with man- my friend’s boss, tee hee! I am so happy!”
JoAnna M.

“I was out of work, and was looking at a few different options. I used the tarot deck I printed from your tarot package, plus knowledge I achieved from the tarot lessons, to whittle-down and assess what I really wanted. I feel using the tarot helped me to make the right job decision.” Robert B.

“Thank you for getting me started on my own part time at home business as a tarot reader! I am a retired school teacher, and this let’s me continue my passion for educating and helping others, PLUS, it is a nice “under the table” supplement to my Social Security.” Name Withheld

“I am now reading tarot full time in coffee houses, online tarot, and reading tarot on the phone- I can set my own hours, be at home with my son, and ask my own price. Reading the tarot not only allows me to help others while making a living, it is a bridge for understanding my own family. My husband is happy with our new lifestyle too!” Sheila D.

When people ask me, what is the secret to my success, I don’t hesitate to answer, “I took the time to learn tarot!” Randall R.

What you will get in Wejee’s Learn Tarot Super Package? To start, FIVE FULL LENGTH Master Tarot book classics!

These eBooks alone retail for more than $24.00 elsewhere! But you can have them all plus 5 printable decks!

* THE PICTORIAL KEY TO THE TAROT by A.E. Waite- This is the FULLY ILLUSTRATED tarot book written by the man himself, the creator of the most popular tarot deck in the world. Waite gives you his own unique interpretations of the tarot cards, His method of tarot divination using the Celtic Cross tarot spread and a look behind the veil into the mystery that is tarot. This book is a must have for the serious student or collector of the Tarot.

* SYMBOLISM OF THE TAROT by P.D. Ouspesky- Ouspensky was an enormously influential figure in early 20th Century Mysticism and Occultism. This book on Tarot illuminates the archetypal symbolism of the tarot in the Light of a Mystic Journey, and will ultimately be one of the most valuable tarot books you will ever experience! COMPLETE WITH ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATIONS!

* THE TAROT by Samual Liddel MacGregor Mathers- Much of what seems to be common knowledge about the Tarot cards originates with Samual Liddel MacGregor Mathers. MacGregor Mathers deeply dedicated his life to the study of Western Mystery Traditions and magic, pursuing knowledge and truth above all else. In this concise tarot book, Mathers defines, describes and lays out the use of the tarot for divination, entertainment and personal growth.

* THE TAROT OF THE BOHEMIANS by Papus- Gerard Anaclet Vincent Encausse, usually known by his pseudonym “Papus”, was a French physician, hypnotist, and occultist. His work on the Tarot is heavily influenced by Kabbalah and the work of Eliphas Levi, and is well worth studying for its depth of symbolism and esoteric knowledge. THIS BOOK FEATURES THE ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATIONS AND TABLES.

* WEJEE’S ECLECTIC TAROT by Jane Ma’ati Smith- This is a book written by yours truly, complete with FULL COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS and interpretations for Wejee’s Eclectic tarot deck, PLUS how to use the Celtic Cross and three card tarot spreads, caring for your tarot cards, numerology and tarot, plus tips for reading tarot professionally and starting your own business and much more!

In addition to the classic collection of FIVE tarot eBooks, you will also receive SIX print it yourself tarot decks! NO OTHER Learn Tarot eBook package offers this…. this is a Wejee’s exclusive offer, just for you!

How much would it cost to buy just one deck, let alone six?
* Wejee’s Eclectic mini-Tarot deck FULL COLOR one of a kind tarot deck, designed to print out on sheets of business cards. This makes for a very useful pocket sized tarot deck, to carry with you and to consult everywhere!

* Wejee’s Tarot file Cards– FULL COLOR, these are designed to print out on sheets of 3 X 5 cards, and have the added value of having the tarot meanings printed right on the card! These are indespesible for learning the tarot meanings, AND can be used to do full tarot readings!

* Wejee’s Eclectic Full Size Tarot– FULL COLOR, FULL sized cards, made to be printed out onto sheets of 3X5 cards. This makes of a full sized, full color deck, great for doing readings for your friends and family!

And I just couldn’t stop there! Designing this Learn Tarot package was so much fun, I just had to format TWO MORE TAROT DECKS, our own, FULL COLOR, watercolor painted version of the public domain “Tarot of Marseille”. So, in addition to the THREE versions of Wejee’s Eclectic Tarot, you will also recieve TWO our own full color, hand watercolored versions of the gorgeous 17th Century Tarot of Marseille! Why color it yourself tarot? Because it’s both FUN and EDUCATIONAL! What better way to get ‘up close and personal’ and make the tarot your own?

* Tarot of Marseille Tarot mini-Tarot deck In black and white outlines, so that you can color it yourself. Why color it yourself? To make the deck your own, and by doing so, you will gain a more intimate knowledge of the symbols. Designed to print out on sheets of business cards.

* Tarot of Marseille Tarot file cards In black and white outlines, so that you can color it yourself. Designed to print out on sheets of 3 X 5 cards, with the added value of having the tarot meanings printed right on the card! These are indespesible for learning the tarot meanings, AND can be used to do full tarot readings!

* SURPRISE BONUS! “Color it yourself” mini-Tarot designed to print out on sheets of business cards. This tarot deck, orignally designed in 1909, and extracted from the book THE PICTORIAL KEY TO THE TAROT is in black and white outlines, giving you the fun of coloring it yourself! This is an original classic tarot deck!

If you were to buy just the tarot eBooks alone at Wejee’s New Age Foundation Books it would cost you $24.08. Buy the tarot books as paperbacks and discs, it would cost 80.90! But if you buy it all as Wejee’s Learn Tarot Super Package, with SIX print-your-own tarot decks, it is just $9.95! As a SPECIAL OFFER, you will receive these very useful and dynamic BONUSES!

* A mini-Tarot reading mat. This is printed with a Celtic Cross tarot layout, with All the meanings for the different card positions! This is a very useful tool for learning the tarot layout!

* A complete guide on how to print out the PDF tarot decks on your printer.

* Links and resources to start your own online tarot and/or telephone tarot reading business! You can name your own price, while working at home!

This is a HUGE Learn Tarot package! You will receive an e-mail with a link and a password to download a zipped folder containing the five tarot decks,
and five tarot books, plus bonuses.

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