Seven Vital Steps To Attract Your Soul Mate


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Before you can attract your soul mate, first you need to understand what and who a soul mate is. Your soulmate, the very one that is meant for you, can be your partner. They will be your best friend, your sunshine, your lover, your everything. And it doesn’t fade. The feeling you have with them continues to grow. The magic never fades. It’s something that many of us wish to achieve.

Finding your soulmate is not a task that you need to apply your will, strength or energy towards. It’s something that happens naturally, when you are BOTH ready to be as one. The question then becomes, not finding them, but rather, being prepared as best you can.

That oneness doesn’t happen easily; in fact, soul mates deal with a lot of the same problems that everyone else in a love relationship does. Being with your soulmate doesn’t guarantee happy days forever. In order to achieve a proper state of balance whereby you can enjoy each other’s company, grow. and evolve together as one, you need to be as prepared as possible.

Step 1 – Forget the exes now

A lot of us like to dwell on to our exes in some way, shape or form. We may think that we are over them, but the truth is, that if you continue to find yourself thinking about them, longing for their company, you are keeping yourself from finding your soul mate. Life demands that we take the steps, with confidence, and face our greatest fears. It’s necessary, in order to receive the greatest rewards. There is no chance that you’ll be able to keep your exes in your contact list, and still be able to meet your soul mate. You’ve got to cut ties with your past relationships.

Step 2 – Lose the baggage

Has someone hurt you, did someone cheat on you? Did your exes find ways to put your heart into pain? Get help, get over it and let’s be clear, you will not be able to join with your soulmate if you have an obsession for someone who’s out of your life. You need to be ready for the amount of love coming your way, it will take up a whole heart. There is no room for resentment, you cannot be in a place where you are waiting for karma to find the target, and give you validation that you were wronged. Forgiveness is more about you, than it ever is about the person who hurt you.

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Step 3 – Find inner peace

Are you having a lot of bad days lately? Can’t seem to be happy? Does everyone annoy you? How open and receptive do you think you would be to your soul mate? Unless you’re at peace in your world, you’ll miss out on the cues around you, and walk right by the person who is meant for you. Be ready, be happy, and be receptive to the good things coming your way. Keep looking up, good things come from above. Hands open, arms wide, say thank you for today!

Step 4 – Take care of YOU

We all want our partners to be healthy, vital and attractive. We often overlook our own needs, and feel that what we look and feel like really shouldn’t have any bearing on our soulmate, because they will love us for we are. That’s true to a degree… what’s not true, is that you can’t neglect yourself, and expect anything good to happen. Take care of yourself, in and out. When you do, you’ll be happier, more attractive, and you will radiate much more positive energy.

Step 5 – Grow

Often, people who ask why they haven’t yet found their soulmates. A lot of the times it’s because they are stuck in old behaviors, and haven’t really progressed spiritually, and aren’t where they need to be, emotionally or mentally. If everything around you has been more or less the same, it’s time for a dramatic change. Learn a new skill or start your dream business. Create opportunities for growth and reward, so that in turn, the universe can fill in the blanks.

Step 6 – Be open to receiving your highest good

The universe has a way of hiding the best for you in plain sight, beyond our limited perspective. Sometimes, it’s hidden among the things we’ve learned to dislike, something that you don’t understand, or a subject that you’ve often dismissed as not worthy of your time, could very well be the place, people, or subject that you need to look at in order to understand yourself better, and find our own true soul, the one you’ve spent a lifetime looking for. It’s not that you need to drastically change your beliefs or way of life. It’s that you need to truly open your eyes to the realities around you, and look at everything from a more open perspective. Dismiss nothing, question everything, and seek understanding above all else.

Step 7 – Be a light

Make it easier for your soulmate to find you, shine your light bright, with love from within. Share your happiness, and show respect to all living things. Be charitable where you can, and give of your time in others. Live the life that you were destined to live. Your soulmate is meant to teach, heal, help, and complete you. They can’t make you change, make you happy, make you better or make you motivated. They also have needs that you will need to try and fill. You will be called upon to teach, heal and help complete them. That can only be done if you have first found the love of self, deep within your heart. Only then will you able to show true love to them.

Your soulmate could have been someone that you already know, someone you lost long ago, or that you’ve found again. It may be someone that you don’t know yet, or who you’ve never met, or who you could never in a million years imagine being with. Your soulmate will be perfectly tailored to you. What happens next? Only some of the best times of your life. Are you ready?