Psychic and Spiritual Cleansing

spiritual cleansing

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Do you feel drained by the end of the day? Is dealing with your emotions difficult? Does interacting with some people leave you feeling tired and drained of all your energy?

If you answered yes to these questions, it’s very likely you need a spiritual cleansing. A spiritual cleansing will remove the negative energy from your spirit and aura. This spiritual practice can give you the adjustment you need.

If you are new to spiritual cleansing, let’s go over what spiritual cleansing means, the steps to take, and a few cleansing methods you can use.

What Is Spiritual Cleansing?

Before we can get into the details of spiritual cleansing, we need to define what it is. To put it simply, spiritual cleansing is the practice of cleansing your spirit and aura of negative energy. It’s the habitual practice of restoring the innocence of your spirit.

Everything is composed of prana or universal energy. This energy vibrates at different frequencies; the lowest frequencies manifest as solid objects, such as rocks, plants, animals, and people. The highest frequencies manifest as our thoughts and emotions.

Furthermore, every human being encompasses many types of prana. The lowest vibrations compose the physical body. The higher vibrations envelop the body like the layers of the aura. The aura can extend as far as 3-4 feet around the body.

Understanding Your Aura

Your aura is the home of your spiritual self. This energetic body can be influenced when it interacts with other auras:

  • For example, if you have a good conversation, play with your pet or hold a newborn baby in your arms, you will take in positive energy.
  • If you interact with a toxic person or find yourself in an unhealthy environment, your aura will soak up negative energy. This negative energy can weaken your aura.

Every interaction you have features an exchange of energy; positive energy will enliven you and negative energy weighs you down. Remember, even if you leave an unpleasant person or situation, you’ll still carry that negative energy within your aura.

However, by mindfully releasing negative energy, you can cleanse your aura, and thus, revitalizing your spirit. This process is what is called spiritual cleansing.

How To Perform a Spiritual Cleanse

There are many ways to go about a spiritual cleanse. While these cleansing methods differ, they all have the same goal. No matter how you go about it, the goal is, to free yourself from the energy that’s weighing you down and holding you back.

Every spiritual cleanse includes:

  • Entering into a meditative state
  • Acknowledging any negativity held in your aura
  • Contemplating your negative thoughts and feelings
  • Releasing the negative energy from your aura
  • Close by reaffirming your spiritual purity

Entering Into a Meditative State

Every spiritual cleansing begins by entering into meditation. This is in preparation for the final ritual. Take time to contemplate the present moment. Through the act of mindfulness, you will actively join your mind to your flowing energy.

Acknowledge the Negative

Once you’ve reached a heightened state of awareness, you must identify the negativity that’s influencing you. What is important is that you consciously acknowledge what it is you want to release.
By identifying the energy you wish to release, you can understand the root cause of your negative thoughts and feelings.

Meditate on the Negative

Once you identify what needs to be cleansed, next you’ll need to consider the context. Mentally ask yourself why these incidents, people and feelings maintain such an influence over you. It is by understanding these reasons, that you will be able to cleanse yourself.

Releasing the Negative Energy

Once you are done with your meditation, it’s time to cleanse your psyche and this can be done in a few different ways:

  • You can visualize the negativity dissolving into dust.
  • Verbalize that this negative energy no longer holds power over you.
  • If you are religious, call on your deity to help you.

You can use one or a combination of these methods. The important thing is to acknowledge that the negativity no longer holds power over you.

Remember, cleansing your aura of negativity is harder than you might think. It could take several tries to fully cleanse your aura. Don’t expect it to happen on the first try. Instead, give yourself the time to explore your negative thoughts and feelings with an open mind.

Restoring Spiritual Purity

While you purge yourself of negative energy, positive energy is given the room it needs to shine. Likewise, your aura needs to be reinforced after releasing unhealthy energy. You can do this with affirmations.

First, acknowledge that your aura has been purified and that your spirit is free. Affirm to yourself that you’re a vessel for positive energy and a conduit for good.

This will help further remove your psychic awareness from all that would be harmful to it. By reinforcing your spiritual purity, you will claim power over your spirit. It is with this power that you continue to open your channel to receive positive energy.

Rituals for Spiritual Cleansing

There are many ways to personalize your spiritual cleansing, but the two most popular ways are:

  • A Salt Bath
  • Smudging with Sage or other herbs

A Salt Bath

This is one of the most popular ways to practice spiritual cleansing and it’s especially easy for beginners. Bathing is a literal reenactment of the cleansing process, thus, the visualization of purity is made physical.

There is a long history of purifying baths and there are good reasons that nearly every religion includes water rituals. In Christianity, there is the ritual of rebirth into Christ through baptism. Judaism practices the ‘Mikveh,’ or ritual bath used for spiritual purity.
The Importance of Natural Salt

Salt is considered a purifying element, so you want to bathe with saltwater. Use unrefined, natural salt, such as sea salt or pink Himalayan salt. Avoid using common table salt.

Add two or three handfuls of natural salt and fill the tub with warm to hot water, but make sure that the water temperature is not too hot. If it’s too hot, it will overstimulate your nervous system and thus, elevate your energy and disrupt the ritual.

Don’t Use Soap

This is a bath to cleanse your aura, not a typical bath. It’s a sacred ritual that must remain separate from your daily shower. This is not the time to use soap, shampoo or conditioner. Rather, this is the time to connect with the soul.

The Use of Smudging

Smudging is a well-known way to cleanse not only your home but also yourself, it is the act of burning bundles of herbs, such as sage, for purification. The smoke alters the atmosphere around you, and in turn, that change alters your mind and emotions, creating a feeling of calm. That clears away any negative energy, creating a purified environment.

Smudging is practiced in many religions; however, modern smudgers generally follow the Native American smudging rituals. You can burn sage, sweetgrass or pinion. You can choose your own herbs to smudge with. This cleansing ritual will positively charge your aura.

A Smudging Ceremony

You’ll not only want a bundle of herbs, such as sage, to smudge with, you’ll also need something to catch the ashes with. Many people use a seashell, but you can also use a small dish or bowl.

Light the smudge stick, holding the seashell or dish under it. Go around your home, and mindfully waft the smoke into every corner of the room. You can finish by smudging around your body into your aura.

Spiritually Cleansing Your Aura

Spiritual cleansing is necessary when your life becomes overwhelming. You can always cleanse as often as you need to.

Remember, you can’t always control your spiritual journey and that life is filled with uncertainty. It will take time and practice, but once you start practicing spiritual cleansing, you will gain more and more insight into yourself.

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