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Some say, Soulmates test us, and are arranged by Karma. They are members of our spiritual soul family, and sometimes, a soulmates’ only purpose is to challenge us. They trigger us to find the answers we need about ourselves and our life and help us succeed in our personal growth. It’s said that a Twin Flame shares half of the same soul with you. According to the theory, twin flames were once a single soul, which split in half, to later be reunited. Does a twin flame test you, the same way as a soulmate tests you?

When it comes to Soulmates, you may simply attract the person you currently need to take the next steps spiritually. When that growth is accomplished, they may leave. As a result, Soulmates test us, they challenge us to grow, both spiritually, and in this material world. By contrast, your twin flame will most likely have the opposite personality traits. For instance, if you are calm and compassionate, they may be volatile and judgmental. Certainly, there will be challenges! Therefore, the goal is to learn from one another and use your opposing strengths to create an advanced and evolved whole. You and your Twin Flame are meant to make a difference in the world together, whereas soul mates help each other personally. Learn more about your personal relationships here.

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What is the Difference Between a SoulMate and a Twin Flame?

What is a Twin Flame?

Your twin flame is your Divine Soul Counterpart, the other spiritual half that will make your soul complete. Each of you has your own individual soul, but yet, you will experience each other like conjoined twins. You energetically flowing together as one, even to the cell level. Consequently, you always feel truly connected with your twin soul partner, even when you are physically apart. A twin flame is always a potential romantic partner, not just a platonic friend or a family member.

Your twin flame could very likely be your complete opposite, both in appearance and in personality. But once you connect with your Twin Flame, you may find you have many things in common. Such as commonalities in your individual life experiences, or common goals, such as your life’s mission. Because of this, a twin flame relationship is definitely not your typical romantic relationship! Although it may be the stuff of romantic dreams, a Twin Flame will not be an easy relationship. In short, you’re together not only to change the world but to also test each other, to your very souls!

Your twin flame is your mirror. They reflect back to you the lessons you need to learn, and what you need to do to heal spiritually. Your twin flame relationship ensures that your soul growth continues. As a result, you can each ascend to a higher level of understanding spiritually. Looking into a mirror is not always flattering, and spiritual growth is often painful. But the outcome is life changing and ultimately fulfilling, for both of you.

It’s unusual for twin flames to be very much alike. A Twin Flame tends to be your complete opposite, and for good reason. The twin flame relationship is about balancing the masculine and feminine, the yin/yang, both within yourself and with each other.

What is a SoulMate?

While your twin flame is the corresponding half of your soul, a soulmate is someone from the same soul group or soul family. This means you were connected before you incarnated into this lifetime.

A soulmate can be a family member, a friend, or a co-worker. Soulmates are not always romantic partners. Consequently, they are simply here to teach you to be your true, authentic self. This results in the opportunity to release karmic ties, and to grow spiritually. In short, it’s a chance to become the best you possible. With a soulmate, you may experience personal and spiritual change. But they are not necessarily affected personally by the spiritual work you do, as a twin flame would be. But can a soulmate test your ability to be true to yourself? Absolutely! That’s what real friends are for!

In conclusion, soulmate connections are not as intense as with a twin flame. There may not be telepathic or deep empathic connections, or an ability to sense them spiritually, as you would with a twin flame. In fact, soulmates can pass in and out of our lives rather quickly, and often without a trace. While some soulmates can be very challenging, others can be very much like you, and comfortable to be around. A romantic soulmate relationship can be experienced as love and intimacy between two best friends. Consequently, it is much less tumultuous, and much more comforting, than a relationship with a twin-flame, might be.

Stuck Relationships

Sometimes, relationships get stuck and cease to teach us what we need to grow. In fact, some deliberately won’t allow us to grow spiritually. These relationships can fester negative emotions. This can, in fact, cancel out any spiritual growth we have achieved. Often, we can’t, or won’t, move on when a relationship proves to be negative. As a result, this cuts off the potential to meet our true twin flame. It may also be, that we reject the work that we need to do with our current relationship. This can sabotage the potential of our current relationship to become something very special! Even soulmate and twin flame relationships can get stuck, and need constant work. If you need some advice regarding a “stuck relationship” in your life, contact one of the psychic advisors below.

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