Nightmares: Separating Anxiety Dreams from Premonitions


Everyone has nightmares from time to time… nightmares and recurring bad dreams have many causes. Psychology defines most dreams, especially the scary ones, as the result of the subconscious mind trying to cope and make sense of the everyday stress we all cope with. Bad dreams can also be triggered by a variety of physical causes, such as illness, late night snacks, sleep deprivation, or reactions to medication. However, some disturbing dreams contain action and imagery that foretell future events. From the sinking of the Titanic to 9/11, there are many documented examples of dream related precognition of events that led to disaster, and death. In fact, some studies suggest that as much as 60% to 70% of all dreams are at least partially, precognitive, meaning that they contain information that the dreamer could have only acquired by means of psychic perception.

Body, Mind or Spirit?

If you’ve been experiencing recurring bad dreams that foretells something bad for someone you love, or Maybe you are experiencing nightmares of a large scale disaster that are so terrifying and vivid, you’re sure they must be an omen of things to come. How can you separate such nightmares from the kind of bad dreams which can be explained by more ordinary causes? Basically, you can’t. By their very nature, dreams cannot be fully understood, not by scientific or esoteric means. That said, there are a few methods to help you sort out the origin of your dreams, and determine whether the cause is physical, psychological, or psychic.

One of the most effective methods you can use is the process of elimination. By ruling out certain suspected causes, you can zero in on the actual culprit. The first thing is examine the psychological factors; is someone you love sick, or living in an unstable situation that’s causing you to worry? Are you experiencing a period of stress at work or at home? Have you suffered a major loss or personal setback? Or, are you so frustrated in your attempts to advance in a very important aspect of your life, such your career or your love life, that it is consuming your every waking (and perhaps sleeping) moment? It only makes sense that these large scale, real life factors can have a big impact on your dreams.

If you’ve been able to rule out psychological cuases for your nightmares, the next area to explore are physical causes. Illness, especially when accompanied by fever or pain, can cause very vivid, and disturbing, dreams. Something as simple as eating a late night snack, or falling asleep while reading a scary book, or while watching a horror movie can also result in nightmares.

What Dreams May Come

If you’re physically and emotionally healthy, and not experiencing a lot of stress, then it’s possible the cause of your nightmares could be precognition. The first thing to consider, is if you’ve experienced any waking incidences of psychic phenomena. Those who regularly experience déjà vu or telepathic communication while awake are more likely to have similar experiences while dreaming.

However, even if you have no conscious recall of déjà vu or telepathic communication in your past, they may be part of your subconscious mind. People suppress, or simply deny, memories of psychic events for a variety of reasons, but that doesn’t mean such events didn’t occur. Denial in the conscious mind can opens doors of perception in the subconscious mind. Important messages, whether through ordinary, everyday life, or through extrasensory input, have a way of showing up in our dreams.

If you’re fairly certain the nightmares you’re having are psychic, what can you do? The answer to that can be elusive as well. Some nightmares offer insight that can be used to modify bad habits or unhealthy behaviors. Other dreams, such as a precognition of a large scale disaster, foreshadow events over which the dreamer has no control, other than to avoid an area. The first thing you need to accept is that while you can make changes on a personal level, or even warn loved ones you think may be in danger, you cannot be responsible for the future. Should the events in your nightmare come true, you must not blame yourself.

Psychic dreams can have many interpretations. If you’re troubled by the dreams you’re experiencing, a consultation with a psychic advisor who is trained in this area, can give you insights that will help you better understand what you can do to relieve your niightmares, and achieve more peaceful dreams.

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