Lucid Dreaming: Take a Break!

When we practice lucid dreaming, the exotic possibilities, and the excitement of being the master of your own dreams, can make us forget that the primary goal is the study of our dreams, as a means of self study.

Lucid dreaming helps us tune into what’s going on within our subconsciousness, and to receive guidance to solve the problems we face in our everyday life. Lucid dreaming can be a powerful tool, helping us to achieve these goals; keep the perception of special abilities and the fun that come with lucid dreaming them as a bonus, not the goal.

We can get caught up in attempting to have a lucid dream every night, which is more often than not, impossible. We can put all our energy into the “job” of lucid dreaming, visualizing, meditating, and go to sleep, determined to have a lucid dream. But it was all in vain, and we start to wonder if we have lost the ability forever. Nothing is lost forever, and if you haven’t been able to lucid dream, despite all efforts, you may have overloaded your mind, and it’s sending you a message.

If lucid dreaming has stopped for a while, and you can’t understand why, review your dream journals for clues. There is an answer, it has to be in your dreams. Go over your recent entries, and look for common themes. Are you learning anything new, or just going over things you don’t need anymore? Apply the themes in your recent dream journal entries to your practice of lucid dreaming; are you so busy experimenting with your lucid dreaming techniques, and on achieving lucidity, that you are dismissing something important? The dreams are trying to give you a hint.

Deliberately stop your lucid dreaming practice and techniques. Sometimes, you can just “pick it up”, using your experience and intuition. Just relax, and let go of any attempts at lucid dreaming for a while. Just explore, learn and enjoy the experience of dreaming, lucid or not.

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