Karmic Relationships


Have you ever felt an immediate connection with someone that you’ve just met? A sense of familiarity, that you simply couldn not explain? These chance meetings generally turn into serious, life altering relationships are certainly “karmic”. There are usually certain patterns common in these relationships.

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The following are all quite common patterns in Karmic realtionships:

  • The relationship begins as a chance encounter. One or both people were not supposed to be there in the first place; they missed a flight, took a wrong turn, or stopped impulsively at the store, as a means of completing the “random” and unexpected meeting.
    • The new friends experience a sense of heightened awareness, time standing still, or a feeling of magnetic pull towards the one another.
  • A feeling of familiarity, and a sense that they’ve met before, or have known one another in another lifetime.
    • Falling in love at first sight.

Another pattern, one which most of us aren’t even of, involves planetary connections between natal astrological charts. Astrologers refer to these connections as “synastry.” Astrologically, these aspects from one natal chart to another describe not only the types of connections shared between two people, but also the karmic lessons.

Although the common view of these relationships is that they’re “meant to be,” there is a more realistic way of looking at karmic relationships. While there may be a reason two people come together in the present, there is no guarantee that they will stay together. If one or both have reached a point in their spiritual journey that they’re no longer needed for the other person’s karma, the relationship is likely to end.

Also, not all aspects of a karmic relationship are easy or pleasant; some are quite challenging. The nature of the astrological aspects involved, will determine both the karmic patterns and the ease or difficulty with which they’re expressed in the relationship. There are many astrological aspects that are significant in determining relationship compatibility, or karma.