Karmic Relationships, Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Karmic Relationships, Soul Mates and Twin Flames

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All of us search for someone who will love us, no matter what, looking for ‘the one’. Deep down, we all crave for such love.

Although the idea of such love is often considered to be a fairytale, deep down in our hearts, we know that such love is possible; according to many spiritual teachings, we all have one soul, that is our perfect match. However, the reality is not how you see it in the movies. In fact, there are three types of relationships you may have in your life; each one of them you may think, they are ‘the one’.

We all have Karmic Relationships, Soul Mates and a Twin Flame.

You will meet many soul mates in your life; some of them will reveal your dormant abilities, some will break you, and some will show you aspects of yourself you knew nothing about. But your Twin Flame is the soul mate you are meant to have a romantic, intimate relationship with. Your Soul Mates and your Twin Flames will come at the perfect karmic time, to be what you need to learn, at that moment.

What is really the difference between twin flames, soul mates and karmic relationships?

Please understand, different types of relationships should not be compared with each other. Their importance depends on what stage you are at in your own life.

One of the first relationships will experience is a Karmic one. Karmic relationships teach us lessons from our previous lives, which we failed to grasp.

The issue with karmic relationships is that they are not supposed to work out. Even if you give it your best, it will never lead to a good future. It may seem unfair, and you might hurt, but we aren’t meant to live out our lives with a karmic partner. The worst thing you can do in a karmic relationship is to not let go. If we hold on to it for too long, suffering in unrequited love, it will only prolong the healing process. It will prevent you from moving forward, to a new possibility of happiness.

Karmic relationships can be firey and intoxicating at times; but the point of these types of relationships is to come into our lives, help us grow, and then leave. Those who do not let go, and marry their karmic partners, often live in frustration, drowning in sadness. Most of these karmic marriages end in divorce.


A soulmate is not what you think.


The soul mate relationship is a melding of sweet, and complicated. With soul mates, we have a unique soul connection, and marriage with a soul mate is the best choice we can make. To choose to build a life with a soul mate, helping each other to grow, is the best thing we can do.

Sometimes, a soul mates’ purpose is simply to trigger us into deep self-reflection, and find answers to the important questions about ourselves. And then, they leave. We simply attract the person we currently need to grow.

Twin Flames

According to Greek Mythology, the Gods originally created humans with four arms, and four legs; but once they realized how much power a whole human being had, realizing their creation could surpass them, they split each human being into two parts, male and female.

Twin flames are those we share the same soul with; according to one theory, twin flames were at one time, a single soul, which was split into two, to be later reunified.

Both souls mirror each other, helping each other confront their fears, and deeply repressed desires. Once they are together, they are stronger than they could have been by themselves. Twin flame relationships are a mix of the karmic and the soul mate, that further educates and enhances the individual’s sense of ego and self.

Your Twin Flame will eventually find you, and both of you will know the powerful connection between you. But, in order to attract one another, see your deep connection, and keep each the relationship, you first must become as much your true self as possible. You will find your Twin Flame, when you are the best and truest version of yourself.