A Free Wicca Love Spell to Heal the Hurt of Lost Love

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Before you start, please read our short articles about soul mates, so your love spell will find your true soul mate!

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yin yang candle
pen & paper
purification bath salts
jasper worry stone
red charm bag
Love incense
charcoal discs
lavender oil
vetivert oil
wood box
amethyst pyramid
picture of your lover
dried jasmine flowers
dried hibiscus flowers
patchouli leaf
dried red rose buds
dried yarrow flower
healing candle
scullcap herb
valerian herb

First, make a tea of 1/2 teaspoon each of the scullcap and valerian, to help clear your mind of negative thoughts. The first step is to cleanse the negative charge of abandonment from your aura. Annoint the healing candle with lavendar oil, and light it. Next, run a hot bath using the purification bath salts, and while bathing, repeat this incantation:

I wash my spirit clean today
I cleanse myself of pain
my heart is freed from yesterday
I it down the drain

Get out, dry off, and rub some lavender oil on your feet, to help keep you grounded. Blow out the healing candle, and wave the smoke over your head. You are now aura cleansed.
Now, set up an altar with the spell ingredients. Place the jasmine, rose buds and hibiscus in the wood box together, and the patchouli leaf and yarrow in the charm bag. Begin annointing the yin yang candle and the crystals with vetivert oil. Place the pyramid in the wood box, and bury it under the flowers. Place the jasper worry stone in the charm bag with the patchouli and yarrow.
Now sit for a few minutes, to calm and clear your mind. When you are ready, light the candle and the charcoal burner, and begin repeating this incantation:

what’s done is done
it’s over
what was
is buried in the past
I release my lover from my heart
and burn my pain to ashes

Keep repeating this while you write down all your feelings about your lover and your break up. Write down everything, good, bad and indifferent.
When you have everything down, sprinkle some incense over the charcoal, and touch your written feelings to the candle flame. Keep repeating the incantation until the written words are entirely burnt to ashes. Sweep the ashes into the box with the pyramid, and close the lid. Place the charm bag on top of the box. Rub a few drops of vetivert oil on your palms, and your temples. Now envelope the box and charm bag with your hands, radiating energy into them while repeating:

like the Phoenix from it’s ashes
love arises, renewed and reborn
as free as a bird
as fresh as a flower
as fragrant as incensed air
my love is reborn

Charge the stones until your energy is dissipated. Place the box somewhere near the center of your living room or bedroom, so that the energy of the pyramid can act absorb and dissipate the sorrow, and lighten the atmosphere.
Keep the worry stone charm bag with you, and if you feel overwhelmed with sadness or anger, rub the stone with your thumb until the feelings have disipated. Also, keep the vetivert oil with you, using it to annoint the worry stone daily. You can also use it as an aromatherapy oil, as well as smelling the herbs in the charm bag.
Always send good thoughts to your love- not clingy, desperate thoughts, but honest thoughts for that person’s happiness and well being. You can sprinkle the pyramid and wood box every other day with lavender oil, to keep it, and the atmosphere of your home, purified.

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