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7 knob green candle
green quartz point massager
green charm bag
heal all herb
sage & sweetgrass smudge
cinnamon oil
dried jasmine flowers
prosperity bath salts
sea salt
patchouli leaf
dollar bill & coins
wood box

Seven days before the Full Moon, anoint the candle with cinnamon oil. Light it, and fill the wood box with sea salt. Place the quartz crystal in the box, and bury it in the sea salt, to purify it’s energy. In the green charm bag, place the dollar and coins along with the heal all, jasmine and patchouli, to charge the herbs with money power. now, smudge the room, the spell ingredients, and yourself. Burn the candle down one knob. Burn one knob of the candle every night. On the evening before the Full Moon, transfer the crystal from the salt to the charm bag.
On the night of the Full Moon, draw a hot bath with the prosperity bath salts. Light the last knob of the candle. Bathe, and repeat this incantation:

prosperity infuses my being

After the bath, remove the crystal from the charm bag, and massage your body with it, particularly the back of your legs. Smudge the area afterwards. Keep the crystal stored in the charm bag with the herbs and money, and massage yourself daily, repeating the incantation.

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