Feeling the Vibe: 5 Ways To Read Emotional Energy

Emotions are an expression of our energy, our “vibe”. We “feel the vibe” with our intuition, some people feel good to be around, and other people are draining, and you want to get away from them. You can feel this invisible, “subtle energy” inches or feet from the body. Hindu cultures honor this energy as prana, and in Chinese medicine, it‘s called chi. Though the molecular structure of subtle energy isn’t fully understood, researchers have measured increased electromagnetic readings and photon emissions around spiritual healers, who project it during their work.

Emotional energy is contagious; it can make the difference between a healthy or a toxic relationship. It’s essential to get a clear energetic reading of anyone you plan to regularly interact with. Forcing it is just the mind’s attempt to influence energy; you don’t have to force compatibility when the energy feels right. You can then decide if a relationship is feasible, based on your energy compatibility.

Reading Emotional Energy

When reading the emotions of others, understand that what others say, or how they present themselves, often doesn‘t match their real energy. Let go of the preconceived notion that what you see is what you get. Many people will go to great lengths, to appear in a certain way, either to impress, or to sell you something, but this appearance isn’t aligned with their true energy. Just because someone is smiling, doesn’t mean they’re happy, and just because someone is quiet, doesn’t mean they’re not friendly. It’s the energy of someone’s smile that tells the truth about where they’re at. So learn to correlate a person’s energy, with their emotions. Most people aren’t intentionally misleading, they just don‘t know what they’re really feeling, or projecting.

Learn to interpret the messages your body is sending you, and don’t let your mind talk you out of your body’s wisdom. Reading energy allows you to fine tune how you relate to people, who you feel comfortable around, and who you don’t. To avoid bad relationships, let go of trying to convince yourself of anything the body’s intuition does not confirm. When interpreting how you are energetically responding to someone, always ask, How does my body feel? Does my energy go up, or down? Follow your body’s lead, and don’t resist it.

You want to get into a relationship with someone who increases your energy, not drains it, regardless of how perfect he or she looks. You need to work with a co-worker who’s positive, not negative. Choose friends who resonate with you. If you follow your body’s intuition, you will notice the positive difference in your life.

Tips to Read Emotional Energy

Sensing someone’s presence

This is the energy someone emits, and may not be congruent with their words or behavior. It‘s the emotional atmosphere surrounding them, like a rain cloud or sunshine. They may give off an aura of mystery, joy, or sadness. Presence can also be associated with charisma, a personal magnetism that you‘ll be drawn to. But be aware, charisma without heart is a dangerous combination, possessed by many con artists and seducers.

Notice, does this person’s energy feel warm? Uplifting? Calming? Or is it draining? Detached? Cold? Angry? Depressed? Do they have a friendly presence that attracts you, or do they have a creepy vibe, making you back away? Also sense if someone is anchored in their body, or if they seem to be floating outside themselves, which could indicate flakiness.

Watch their eyes

Our eyes transmit powerful energy, they are the windows to the soul. Just as the brain has an electromagnetic signal that extends beyond the body, studies show that the eyes project this energy too; research shows that people can sense when they‘re being stared at, even when no one is in sight. Some cultures believe that the “evil eye” is a gaze that can inflict injury or bad luck on its target. Science has also documented that locking eyes with a loved one, even your dog, triggers a biochemical response, releasing oxytocin, known as the “love hormone.” The more oxytocin your brain has, the more peaceful and trusting you’ll feel.

So take the time to observe the eyes. Are they caring? Tranquil? Sexy? Angry? Mean? The way someone looks at you can make you feel safe or afraid. Also, notice does it look like there’s anyone home in there? Or do they seem to be hiding? Some people’s eyes can be hypnotic; avoid looking deeply into eyes you distrust, or sense may be dangerous. The less you engage with negative people, the less they’ll zero in on you.

Feel the handshake, hug or touch

We share emotional energy through physical contact, much like connecting an electrical current. Ask yourself, does this handshake or hug feel warm, comfortable and confident? Or does it make you want to withdraw? Is someone’s hands clammy, signaling anxiety? Or limp, suggesting non-commitment or timidity? Is their grip crushing your fingers, indicating aggression or a controlling nature? Along with the physical, the energy of someone’s touch reveals someone’s emotions. Some handshakes or hugs transmit kindness, joy, and calm, and others feel draining, clingy, or hostile. Spend time with people whose energy you like, and be wary of those you don’t, so you don’t deplete your energy. Avoid physical contact with anyone whose energy doesn’t feel good.

Listen to the tone of voice

The tone of our voice can tell much about our emotions. Sound frequencies create vibrations. Some frequencies we hear, and below the audible range, sound can be felt. When reading someone, notice how their tone of voice affects you. Does their tone feel soothing, snippy, abrasive, or whiny? Are they a mumbler, who you can barely hear, which is a sign of shyness or low self-esteem? Do they talk too loudly, or too much, signaling possible anxiety, narcissism, or insensitivity? Are they fast-talking, trying to sell you something? Or do they bore you to death with a slow monotone, suggesting a lack of spontaneity, and possible depression? Be aware of sighing, which indicates sadness or frustration. Observe how much people laugh, a sign of lightheartedness. Does their laugh sound genuine or fake? Joyous? Or are they very serious, rarely laughing?

Sense heart energy

When the heart is present, you‘ll feel the warmth of unconditional love, which makes you feel safe and at ease. The most important aspect of reading energy is whether someone is projecting a sense of heart. This is a capacity for empathy and connection, the unspoken sense of feeling accepted, and not judged. This can’t be faked. Heart presence is built on good intentions, good deeds, and spiritual work to overcome fear and negativity.

Reading someone’s energy can be a game-changer when intense emotions can cloud your clarity. It enables you to see past fantasy or desire, to pinpoint someone‘s motivations, by reading the subtle messages their energy sends. In your everyday life, read other people’s energy and emotions. Evaluate what you sense. You may see a red flag, and you‘re not sure what to do; take your time. Watch how that person treats you, and others. Notice if their words are backed up their behavior. The goal of reading energy is to become more empathic, sensing the nuances of different personalities. Stay alert to the signal’s energy sends so that you can really know the whole person.

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